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    3 point hitch kubota G5200hst

    One on Ebay if anyone is intrested says 3 point hitch and rear pto.The item # is 200459161571 place the number in the search block and hitch will come up. handy
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    :DI have a couple other bookmarks I will try to list. Mr K I hope this is ok with you and vic if not feel free to remove them.just tpye the addresses into the address bar I dont know how to copy paste feel free anyone else to edit it. the first bookmark second one is...
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    parts diagrams (secret) still has some parts diagrams online. I didnt know where to post this feel free to move it. handy
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    Backhoe thumb

    Dont know if anyone is interested its a backhoe thumb on ebay for BX models. Just type in search block the following number it should take you to it. 330409810593
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    B7100 kubota on ebay

    B7100 kubota parting out Honesdale Pa. looks like good hood deck etc. The 2nd kubota is also B7100 fredonia, Ny. whole tractor not parted out . No there not mine I just try to watch for this stuff to let people know in case they need a part. If you need specific part let me know I will watch for...
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    hood b7100

    If anyone wants to know saw a hood on Ebay for b7100. Sorry if this is not right place to post but they go fast.
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    B7100 scraper blade or box blade

    :confused:I have a B7100 hst I have a pond scoop and trying to decide which would be the best attachment a scraper blade or a box blade to get next. I am using it mostly for mowing and filling in holes from trees I lost due to pine beetles. I am leaning more toward box blade. Someone who has...
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    Dumb Question B7100 equipment dimensions

    I am wanting to purchase a couple of impliment for my B7100. I know it is cat 1. I purchased a pond scoop ( used ) I may need to do some fabricating on it to make it work. But for 50 dollars cant complain.In the future what dimensions do I need to watch for on distance between pins on the lower...
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    New member question best service manual

    First kubota I have owned B7100 hste 1983 model. Need info on a service manual for the kubota. Runs great now 1440 hours. This winter I want to restore the little critter. Need a in depth manual for complete tractor and engine . Where do I look for the better manual? Any info would be helpful...