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  1. Mr. K

    Unexpected Downtime This Morning

    Hey everyone - Quick heads up that we are investigating some unexpected downtime this morning, that continues to periodically pop up. We are on with the hosting site not to investigate and uncover the root cause. Hang in there!
  2. Mr. K

    Site Downtime in Coming Days

    Hey everyone - we need to make site upgrades that will require about a day of downtime, possibly as early as tomorrow or in the coming days. Will know soon. Perfect opportunity to go out and go for a walk eh? Mr. K
  3. Mr. K

    Bad Site Upgrade - Forum Reset to 11/4 State

    Hello visitors and OTT members, been an eventful week here on the site - First on 11/4 we had an unplanned host update go out which broke database connectivity. Visitors were met with an error message for about 4 hours until the issue was identified and resolved. You can read more about that...
  4. Mr. K

    11/4 Forum Outage

    Hey everyone, quick update - OTT had an outage on the forums that lasted at least 4 hours this morning. Visitors to the forums saw a series of database errors instead of the typical forum and post listing they expect to see. We eventually narrowed it down to a series of changes the hosting...
  5. Mr. K

    OTT Posting Guidelines & Conduct Clarification

    Hello everyone, quick update - Our objective on OTT is to bring together Kubota equipment owners and enthusiasts from around the world into a place purpose-built just for them. We want everyone to consider checking in on OTT if they need service, maintenance or buying advice, knowing that they...
  6. Mr. K

    Media Gallery Now Available!

    A new media gallery is now available for members to browse, post images, videos or attachments into! A few initial categories have been setup to capture Kubota equipment in all states of operation and cleanliness, plus categories to for servicing, fabrication, projects around the acreage or off...
  7. Mr. K

    Updates to Premium and Lifetime Memberships!

    Hello everyone, Mr. K here - We updated the forums last week and as part of that migration, paid memberships were offline for a bit. We've brought paid memberships back and updated their capabilities to better reflect settings here on the new forums. Lifetime members going forward will get...
  8. Mr. K

    New forums live! Post feedback, comments, questions or issues here!

    Think we made it! OrangeTractorTalks forums are now migrated from vBulletin to XenForo. Along with the update comes numerous usability improvements, mobile device support, bigger picture attachment sizes (1MB, no cap on dimensions) and a path to keep the forums updated for years to come. If you...
  9. Mr. K

    Important OTT Update!

    Hello everyone, wanted to share some exciting news and an important milestone for OrangeTractorTalks! Our mission at OrangeTractorTalks is to build on online community of Kubota tractor and equipment enthusiasts. We want OTT to be the place visitors turn to whenever they need Kubota repair...
  10. Mr. K

    OTT Needs Your Help - Your Best Kubota Tractor Photographs Needed

    Hey everyone, Mr. K here, need your help with some exciting news! We are looking at updating the look and feel of the site in the near future. To freshen up, we would like to include some images of Kubota tractors or equipment on the site more prominently in the header, footer or other locations...
  11. Mr. K

    Site Update, Q&A

    Hey everyone, Mr. K here, your friendly site administrator! Some of you might not know me, that's ok. I tend to lurk in the background popping up only now and then when needed. Myself and Service Department Vic launched OrangeTractorTalks more than 10 years ago, writing articles and creating...
  12. Mr. K

    Tapatalk Upgrade

    Afternoon folks - Some of you access the site through your mobile device using the Tapatalk app. We just completed an upgrade of the Tapatalk integration on our end. If you notice anything strange, let me know, thanks!
  13. Mr. K

    Rules of Conduct and Etiquette

    Evening folks, Vic and I like to kid around a lot and not take things too seriously. We encourage off topic discussion here and lighthearted jokes and fun but this Off Topic forum is not one of those "anything goes" locations on the internet. Please keep your postings: * free of jokes or humor...
  14. Mr. K

    Welcome our new Moderators: North Idaho Wolfman + coachgeo!

    Hello valued members and visitors, quick heads up, You may have noticed lately a lot of spam floating around or threads simply in the wrong place. OrangeTractorTalks is growing (which is great!) but it also means that the community is larger than Vic or I have the ability to manage on our own...
  15. Mr. K

    Tapatalk upgraded

    Afternoon folks - For those of you that use Tapatalk to browse the forums from your smartphone you may have noticed that our end on the server-side was seriously out of date. This may have prevented you, the visitor, from using all of the forum features or otherwise avoiding buggy behavior...
  16. Mr. K

    How often do you buy parts?

    Just as the title says, how often do you buy parts for your Kubota and related implements? If you have time, some additional information that would be handy: 1) Where are you buying your parts (ie. in person at your dealership, online, eBay)? 2) How new is your equipment? 3) If you are...
  17. Mr. K

    Should we have series-specific forums?

    Hello folks - Something that we have been thinking of lately is perhaps introducing series-specific forums alongside those that we have already. For example, we might start with these: B Series BX Series L Series M Series This would allow owners of the models that fall under those series a...
  18. Mr. K

    Introducing Premium, Lifetime and Vendor Memberships!

    Hello folks, Nearly five years ago on September 10th, 2008, myself and Service Department Vic began what is now known as During this period we have (amazingly!) experienced very positive growth to become what I believe is the most popular Kubota community on the...
  19. Mr. K

    Recent Site Outage - the good, the bad and the ugly

    Hello again folks, your friendly (and haggard) OTT admin here, The site was down starting early Saturday morning (PST) and remained that way until just recently - Monday morning. The little host we were on when we first started 4-1/2 years ago finally gave up the ghost and we took that...
  20. Mr. K

    Recent site outages

    Hello again my fellow Kubota enthusiasts - Mr. K here to provide some insight on recent site outages and for some of you, explain the withdrawal symptoms you are currently experiencing. Yesterday around 8am PST the site went down under heavy load and remained unstable thereafter for the better...