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    Deionized water

    I have over 20 years of experience in the optical field working with DI water. There is really no such thing as DI water if it comes in a pail. Water does not like being purified. It likes being dirty (to a point). A good way to think of it is that the cleaner and purer the water, the more it is...
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    Here we go kids

    It would also be important to note that the word 'regulated' in the late 1700's was not used as it is used today. Regulated means 'to make regular' not 'pass a whole bunch of laws'.
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    40-50 HP buying advice

    I'm happy with my L4701. Was a pretty big upgrade from my 24HP New Holland.
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    Yes, this could be. I guess it just depends on what you will be trying to lift with it. Probably compare the weight of your bucket. My grapple weighs ~175 lbs more than my bucket. So, I'm losing 175 lbs of capacity I suppose as compared to what I can lift with my bucket. If you pay less...
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    Part of the reason I went with an MTL grapple. Way cheaper, little heavier. I could have bought 3 MTL grapples for the price of one EA. Was delivered following week from ordering. The weight difference wasn't a make or break for me.
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    3560le or 4701?

    Unless I am missing something, maybe first decide if you want / need a cab tractor vs ROPS. Cab would definitely nice for mowing on hot days or moving snow on cold days. ROPS is more bang for the buck and better for getting back in the trees (if you have that). I wouldn't get sucked into the...
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    Winter Storm

    It has been a perfect storm here in TX (aware of the pun). It's easy to blame the grid that has its shortcomings, but there are also lots of other factors in play here. Basically everyone has either electric heat or a heat pump that doesn't work much below freezing and has to switch on the...
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    Well... It’s Finally A COLD DAY IN HELL. !!!

    The 30 minute rolling blackout is going on hour #4. Little blue is working overtime.
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    E-95 Code on MX5400

    I had a similar thing happen to me on my L4701 HST. Reconnecting the cable made the PTO work again, but did not clear the E95. I have attached the procedure to clear the message once it is fixed. (not sure if your tractor is same as mine... hopefully)
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    Led lighting question

    There are two basic reasons to fuse something. One is to provide short circuit protection (keep the wire from getting so hot it catches fire) and the other is to protect the device (your lights). Most of the time, short circuit protection is what is trying to be achieved with fusing. This is a...
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    Led lighting question

    Just to take a stab at answering your question. LED's are actually diodes (essentially check valves for electricity). LED's have a voltage drop across them, but not a resistance measurement. LED's also have a current rating that they can handle. If you know the voltage (12VDC, 13.8VDC, 14.4VDC)...
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    Made an interesting observation today, thought I'd share...

    If your car is leaking oil, then that is a good thing! It means there is still some in it. (y)
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    Rotary Cutter Width

    I like my HST for doing loader work. I have an 11 acre obstacle course. If it was a 200 acre open field, I would have a bigger tractor that was gear.
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    What shoul my next attachments be?

    I live in TX. Flat as a monopoly board. Generally use a box blade to move dirt/gravel from point A to point B and then usually back to point A again. I agree the Bx is probably a little light for manicuring driveways as a money making thing. I know I struggled with my previous blue tractor that...
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    What shoul my next attachments be?

    That isn't really a fair assessment. I have both a land plane and a box blade. Just like I have wrenches and sockets. The land plane makes quick work out of my 1200' gravel drive a couple times a year. It definitely happens quicker with the plane than if I used the box blade. I would think that...
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    L4701 ROPS measurement needed

    I'm sure you could make whichever fit, but I got the 48" x 52" as a Christmas present last year.
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    L4701 ROPS measurement needed

    I've ran my Tuff Top into some tree branches that I probably shouldn't have and you would never know to look at it. The thing is not heavy at all (and I have the larger one). I carry it up and on my tractor by myself. Two quick connections. No tools needed to remove and put back.
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    L4701 ROPS measurement needed

    I installed the Tuff Top on my L4701 HST with no issues.
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    Pat's Easy Change VS Quick hitch

    I like my Pat's. I used it on my previous blue machine with no issues. Thought about getting a QH when I bought the L, but decided to transfer the Pat's over. Ended up having to buy a longer top link for the L to accommodate.
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    MOPAR gear heads

    My first thought was maybe he meant 383? My baby is parked out front. 1966 Chrysler 300 with a 440 TNT.