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    Hyd. Top link?

    Next item for the tractor is a hydraulic top link. The M5660 already has a remote for it but had a question about length. If I install Pats quick later do I need to order my top link a little longer? I thank they add 3-4 in. To the lower links. Also read on here a little shorter top link is...
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    Titan tree puller

    While waiting for my EA grapple I wanted something to play with the 3rd function valve. Working out great clearing trees to big for the brush hog. I also have ideal soil, sandy and we have been getting rain.
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    Baby M delivered

    Thanks for the input from the forum. Picked up my M5660 today. Little wet down here in south Mississippi/Louisiana so no pictures of it in the wild but a few on the trailer. Keep it simple with options - 6 foot bucket - rcr1872 brush hog - tires filled - 3 hooks welded on bucket - 3 function...
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    MX5400 vs M5660 size?

    Have a MX on order but it’s taking a while to come in. Never drove one but know the L will be a little small. I currently have a Ford 1900 and needing a larger tractor to clear maintain 20 mostly wooded acres. I drove the M5660 and it felt bigger than expected but I have never really drove a...