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    Kubota L245DT blowing smoke from little tube that hangs from engine

    Jerry, your cylinders are smooth, and your worn rings are letting compression into the engine case, and out the blowby tube. It will contaminate your engine oil terribly, and increase bearing wear, making engine overhaul even more expensive. You can coast for a while, but you'll be increasing...
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    kobota b6000 tiller

    Dave, nearly all tillers are chain drive. There's an oval cover or plate on one side of the machine, where the chain hides. There is often a sight glass for oil level on it. If you disconnect the chain, usually by removing a drive sprocket, you can then determine if the gearbox is locked, or...
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    Any other hobby farmers out there???

    I don't believe there is such a thing as a "hobby farmer". The term is pejorative, flung about by large land owners, urban navel gazers, and commission salesmen wanting to sell you a "real" machine. There are Farmers, which raise a diverse number of crops and animals to feed themselves and...
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    What videos do you want to see from us?

    How about an overview of the hydro/attachment system? I'd like to add a couple of hydraulic plug-ins to the back of my 'bota. Looking through the WSM, I can't see which line to cut to mount a block to, and the nearest dealerships just want me to bring my 'bota and my checkbook and they'll take...
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    OMNI Hitch

    Orscheln's and Northern Tool both sell a drawbar stablizer for around 30USD. It bolts to the drawbar and pins to the top link. I suspect almost every truck, farm and tractor supply store in the world sells the bolt on receiver hitches, so a clever fellow can not only save half the cost, but...
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    Service/Parts Manual

    Mr. K, a listing of manuals you have available in a sticky thread on the forum might save a lot of endless retyping. I suspect there will be endless discussion even with the service manual in hand, as they are so poorly executed... although the unintentional levity of the Ingrish translations...
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    A New Forum!

    Hi Mr. K k k k k k k k Quite an echo o o o o Hope it fills up fast!