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    L3200 dual clutch

    Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the help.
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    L3200 dual clutch

    I bought my L3200 used 2 years ago. So far it’s been a great tractot but it’s kind of frustrating brush hogging and having the pto kick off and on every time I need to change direction. I’m not sure whether my tractor is equipped with a dual clutch or if it’s not working or if something is out...
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    Need help from truck guys

    You could check to see if there is anyone that makes high lift buckets for compact tractors.
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    Quotations To Live By.....

    Perfection is an unachievable goal, the illusion of perfection is the work of a true craftsman.
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    Pa to make Inter 79 a toll road

    Two cities in the state voted for these “decision makers”.
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    Grooving R4's

    Can R1’s be grooved?
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    L3200 Hazard/turn signal light issue

    Switched bulbs, same result. Haven’t had a chance to trace any wires yet. When left side turn signal is turned on right side light on top of fender comes on and stays on. The lower left light(mounted in-line with the fender) works properly. Checked voltage with a multimeter tonight, had 13-14...
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    L3200 Hazard/turn signal light issue

    Hello all, recently noticed the rear left side light on the fender wasn’t working when I had the hazard lights on. Checked the bulb and it was good. When I use the left side turn signal the right side comes on, left doesn’t. Right side works correctly with both hazard button and turn signal...
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    L3200 Tachometer/hour meter not working

    I know this post is a few months old but I just noticed my L3200 doing this today. What was the final prognosis?