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    Electrical damage caused by rodent 2004 Kubota B7610

    If you opt to re-pin the connectors.........check out this YouTube
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    Mitsubishi Engine?? Scag list Kawasaki, Kohler, Briggs, and Scag SR Series as engine options on the Scag Liberty Z Apparently the Scag SR mfg by Loncin Engine,,,,,,same company that makes the Predator engines for Harbor Freight...
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    Great Info.......thanks for sharing!!
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    Recently went through the process of researching zero turn mowers..........One thing that helped was to download the owners manual to view the "how to" portion of the maintenance requirements. Some of the important things to me: Greasable Spindles Ease of Changing Belts Type of Adjustment...
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    B2650 Leveling Box

    I've explored the idea (without success this far) of trying to convert this leveling box to that of a ratchet style with folding handle............similar to the concept used in this binder. Your thoughts????
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    Beginning to troubleshoot starting problems

    Totally agree with D2Cat's recommendation!!.........I had intermittent starting issues for years (going from HST pedal, to clutch switch, etc, etc) and a couple of months ago installed this relay kit from Amazon, and for the past few months it has started like new...
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    PTO grinding L3800

    Update: Received an email from the contact.........they sent another download within the email response, that downloaded OK. At first glance, it appears to be a good buy for $29.00!!
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    PTO grinding L3800

    Does anyone know if this is legit? I paid for the manual download........yet it will not download to my computer. Awaiting a reply to the problem with an email sent to a gmail address!!!???
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    Rear End : Sight Glass Part Number ? - See pics.
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    L245dt electrical plugs brittle

    Recently I was in need and searching for an OEM plug for my L3800.......after many hours of searching, found it to be manufactured by YAZAKI. Not sure if they were the supplier to your model of tractor or not, however here is a link to their catalog...
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    Telescoping lift arms

    It appears the L4701 and L47 uses slightly different link pins and bolts (at least they show to have different part numbers) that attach the lift arms to the rear of the tractor. I was unable to cross reference the connecting hardware for you L4701, to that of a Grand L type set up. FWIW, my...
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    Kubota or aftermarket

    For telescopic sway kit...........check out built by Mark Hodge, just an awesome guy!!
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    How to avoid overfilling the tank with diesel - Suggestions needed

    I use a 5 gallon VP Racing jug, with a 3/4" flex hose on the end of it. Under normal conditions when adding fuel, I have a general idea as to how much to add with out running it over (most of the time). However when trying to top it off for winter storage that's when I tend to run it over and...
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    It's not tapered........the top cap that fits over the case (plus provision for a handle) is larger than the bottom of the case. Some top caps may be flush, however in my search most of them were larger. FWIW, the measurements given by manufacturer or retailer reflects the battery at it max...
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    Just went through this online search for a battery.....measured the base of the battery tray (the most critical of all measurements in my situation), and then began the online search. FWIW, the online measurements (width and length) are of the top portion of the battery, which is 1/2 to 3/4"...
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    Kubota L235DT Nut Size

    I have that nut (same part number) on my L3800....definitely left hand threads, but have never able to determine the exact size. I was hoping to convert it to some type of ratcheting set up.......but has not happened so far!!
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    Do you make mats for the L3800 HST? I was a little confused (not hard to do) about the various...

    Do you make mats for the L3800 HST? I was a little confused (not hard to do) about the various kubota part numbers, etc. Thanks, Wendol
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    Reckon Just Gonna Have To Trade Tractors

    Here's the path I followed when doing the same type conversion on my L3800 (adjustable sway/stabilizer and lift arms with telescoping ends) using L3130 parts. The adjustable sway/stablizers were purchased from (Mark Hodge......a super guy and a great product) First check the...
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    Pros and Cons for adding a PTO Extender Adapter to make PTO shaft attachment easier

    Connecting to my brush hog was the most difficult of all my was my solution: 1. Clean and lube the telescoping parts of the metal PTO shaft 2. Change out the yoke that attaches to a "slide pin" style 3. Change...
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    Securing Pitman Arm to Steering Box - This doesn't look right

    Ken, Thanks a million..........that's great news!!!!