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  1. jajiu

    What are those holes for?

    That's what I put on mine too.
  2. jajiu

    Thank You to a Forum Member

    It's always in the last place you look because that's when you stop looking:ROFLMAO:
  3. jajiu

    Small "stop leaving ruts" infrastructure improvement

    Really nice job.
  4. jajiu

    10,000 GVW Deck-Over Trailer - SOLD!

    I'll visit my cousin in Glen Carbon and deliver it to you;)
  5. jajiu

    10,000 GVW Deck-Over Trailer - SOLD!

    I knew I forgot something, it is registered at 10,000 GVW.
  6. jajiu

    10,000 GVW Deck-Over Trailer - SOLD!

    I have a 22' (18' +4' dove-tail) for sale. Bought new in 2020 and only used it 3 times, costing me more to have it than I have used it. Can't justify keeping it. Looking to get $6500.00 for it. Located in Rowley, MA. Like new, no problems with it.
  7. jajiu

    BH 90 on a L3560

    Why do you want the BH90 vs the BH92? I added the BH92 to my L3560HSTC and have nothing but good to say about it.
  8. jajiu

    Snow plow suggestions needed for L3560

    Looks good, I have chains on the rear only right now but have chains for the front if I need them. By the way, the ride is horrible no matter where you have the chains. I don't have anything securing the hoses other than from the connections which are on the bar behind the SSQA. They are not...
  9. jajiu

    Examples of Kubota Backhoe Skills

    I'm hoping some day I'll be as good as him!
  10. jajiu

    Best grapple for the money for new L6060?

    I have had a Quick Attach on my L3560HSTC for quite a while now. Works great, Great craftsmanship, Made in MN USA! Really rugged but as you say a little heavy, but I love it.
  11. jajiu

    Regen shouldn't be so confusing!

    That is what he told me back when I purchased it. I always automatically push the button and watch the graph on the screen and as you say it burns off when working hard.
  12. jajiu

    Regen shouldn't be so confusing!

    That's what I do.
  13. jajiu

    Regen shouldn't be so confusing!

    My 3560 is 2014 and I push the auto-regen button every start up. The dealer told me it burns off as you use the tractor but if you don't push it, the carbon builds up faster and doesn't burn off and you have to regen more often. The newer tractors automatically lights the auto-regen button. I...
  14. jajiu

    Best size bucket BH92 hydraulic thumb

    I put the coupling on with the hope of hooking it onto something to help pull it but never was able to figure anything out yet. I use a large metal hook with a handle once the wheels are lined up. Usually I just push it, it is extremely heavy and I have never had it tip on me. Before I move...
  15. jajiu

    Best size bucket BH92 hydraulic thumb

    Glad I could help. I don't know the length off hand but I have some pictures of it. I had to keep adjusting where to place the wood pads so that the BH would sit "comfortably" on it.
  16. jajiu

    Best size bucket BH92 hydraulic thumb

    I crawled over the misc. stuff burying the BH in the barn and got a few shots, not perfect but you can see how much room you have.
  17. jajiu

    Best size bucket BH92 hydraulic thumb

    I don't really do very deep trenching, usually only about as deep as the bucket but I haven't noticed any problems like that. I would take a picture to show the set up but have the BH stored in the back of the barn for the winter which I hope will be over soon. If I can get a picture of it I...
  18. jajiu

    Best size bucket BH92 hydraulic thumb

    I think if you click on the envelope on the top right of the page next to the message bell you can start one, but I'm not sure.
  19. jajiu

    Best size bucket BH92 hydraulic thumb

    I have the same setup as you, it came with the 18" bucket suggested by the dealer but I wanted a 12" bucket for trenching and smaller work. I tracked one down and purchased it and put it on and never went back to the 18". The thumb works great with it and I have never had a problem. I love...
  20. jajiu

    Fuel Filter Replacement M62

    Check out You Tube, might be a video on there to help you. I found one on my L3560.