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  1. bluedunn

    Ready For Winter

    Most dreaded task done - putting the chains on the tires. Now ready for snow:
  2. bluedunn

    Milwaukee Hand Tools Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Ratchets, Sockets - Excellent Condition

    Milwaukee Hand Tools set, including: 1/2" Breaker Bar 1/4" Ratchet Set with Case 3/8" Pivoting Metric Ratchet Set with Case Both SAE and Metric Deep Well Sockets with rails Both SAE and Metric Standard Sockets with rails 1/2" Metric Sockets with rail SAE and Metric Combination Wrenches 22mm...
  3. bluedunn

    FS: Ai2 Products 2.8HD Quick Attach for 50, 60, and 70 Series BX

    Hi- I'm selling my Ai2 Products 2.8HD Quick Attach for BX 50, 60 and 70 series tractors. Full specs can be seen here: It's in great shape and is just over a year old. I'm including the center pin with grease Zerk. Asking $300, shipped to the...
  4. bluedunn

    BX1860 - Rear PTO While Off Seat?

    Hi- Is there a way to keep the rear PTO engaged while not sitting in the seat on a BX1860? Thanks!
  5. bluedunn

    Borrowed Wood Chipper

    Hi- I borrowed a wood chipper recently from a friend. Anyone have any ideas as to the make/model? All I can see is the word “CANADA” stamped on one of the legs. Also I’d like to replace the belt prior to really using it - it’s quite cracked. Any idea how I might get the belt off of the...
  6. bluedunn

    FS: BXPanded ROPS Mounted Tool Box

    Hi- I have a BXPanded ROPS mounts tool box for sale. I think it’s what they refer to as mounting configuration A. Overall in great shape. I swapped out the ammo can for a higher quality container. SOLD Thanks!
  7. bluedunn

    FS: Ratchets, Wrenches

    Hi- I’ve managed to collect an excessive number of tools, so looking to sell a few that I don’t use often. I’d like to try to sell them as the lots I have listed. Lot 1 - Milwaukee Ratchets: 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” Milwaukee ratchets. All in excellent condition. Asking $50, shipped to your US...
  8. bluedunn

    FS: Bro-Tek Spacers, Hodge Stabilizers

    Hi- I have a set of Bro-Tek spacers that came off my BX1860 as well as a pair of Hodge 3-point hitch stabilizers that also came off my 1860. Bro-Tek Spacers: I recently removed these from the front wheels on my tractor to increase clearance with my 48” mower deck. Worked well when they were on...
  9. bluedunn

    Hose Sleeve Size?

    Hi- What size hose sleeve would fit neatly on 1/4” hydraulic hose with a quick disconnect? Would .75” be too small? Thanks!
  10. bluedunn

    Farthest You’ve Driven

    Hi- I’m looking at and thinking about purchasing an attachment for my BX quite a distance from where I live. This got me wondering…what’s the farthest distance you’ve driven to purchase an implementor attachment and was it worth the drive?
  11. bluedunn

    BX Fuel Filter Question

    Hi- Just got done doing my annual fluid (HST, engine oil) and filter (air, HST, oil, and fuel) change and noticed that the first fuel filter doesn't look to be full like it was before changing the filter: Before the filter change the bowl looked to be full of diesel and now it doesn't seem to...
  12. bluedunn

    WTB: Kubota BX2763a Hydraulic Angle Blade for BX.

    Hi- Looking for a used Kubota BX2763a hydraulic angle snow blade for my BX1860 in and around the VT/NH area. I have the front quick-hitch for the blade. If you have one that you're willing to part with, please let PM me. Thanks!
  13. bluedunn

    BX1860 Block Heater Kit

    Hi- I finally picked up a block heater kit for my BX1860 - part number is 70000-02324. The kit comes with instructions but look to be a really poor photo copy, so all photos appear black and black unintelligible. Can someone that has this block heater kit in their 1860 be so kind as to take...
  14. bluedunn

    An Addition and a Change

    I definitely don’t need more lights on my BX, but I recently came across a fender light kit that I couldn’t pass up. So with an hour or so free, I put it on today. I also made a small modification to my tire chains, which I’m hoping will keep them from falling between the treads. I used...
  15. bluedunn

    Bent Tine

    Hi- Well that didn’t take too long - out working with my new-to-me grapple today and bent one of the lower tines. I tried clamping a piece of 3’ pressure treated lumber to the tine for leverage, and then pulling on that to try to straighten it but that didn’t really work. The grapple is a Land...
  16. bluedunn

    Quick Question - Did I Damage my BX?

    Hi- Over the weekend I was playing around with my new grapple, which apparently meant that all my common sense went out the window. While backing slowly out of a brush pile, I absent-mindedly shifted the BX out of 4wd while moving backwards. I've never done this - I've always made sure to...
  17. bluedunn

    Land Pride Grapple Cylinders

    Hi- I just picked up a used SCG0548 48" Land Pride grapple for my BX1860. Overall it's in good shape, but I noticed that the hydraulic cylinders are both fairly rusty, indicating it was kept outside without cover. While the rods don't look pitted or damaged, I'm considering replacing these...
  18. bluedunn

    Grapple Question

    Hi- I ran across a used Land Pride SCG0548 grapple located a little over an hour away. The dealer is asking $975, however I’ve gotten him down to $825. It has a some rust, but all tines are straight and the hydraulics work. It’s a first generation grapple and would work with my BX. Is this...
  19. bluedunn

    Reuse Quick Disconnect

    Hi- Is it OK to reuse a quick disconnect fitting? For example, I'm replacing some hoses on my loader with new hoses, which have male NPT fittings. Is it OK to reuse the female quick disconnect that screws onto the male NPT? There's nothing wrong with the quick disconnect. Thanks for any help!
  20. bluedunn

    Loader Hydraulic Line Change and Question

    Hi- I have a BX1860 with the Kubota LA203 loader. I noticed late last week that one of the four hoses that come off of the hydraulic block on the lower-right of the tractor was starting to leak. On Saturday I went to the auto-parts store and got all the hoses made-up figuring that if one...