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    3 point lift height adjustment

    Is there a way to get the lift arms to raise higher on my Kubota 5040? When the lift arms are all the way down. They are approximately no more than 8" from the ground. At there highest my disc harrow still touches the ground.
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    Fuel supply problem

    M5040 is still have a fuel supply problem. I can get it started after bleeding the air and it runs fine for a few minutes. If I put it under any kind of load. It begins to sputter and will eventually die. I've completely cleaned out the fuel system. This started after I stalled the tractor...
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    Still starving for fuel

    I've syphoned the fuel out and refilled it. I've changed the fuel filter. My M5040 is still pulling a vacuum at the water separator. Could this be a lift pump problem?
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    Lift arms too short

    I have a M5040. I also have an old Ford 2 bit turn plow that I used with a Ford. The plow won't fit my Kubota because the lift arms are too short. The front of the plow hits the