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    What type oil for my bx25d?

    What kind or type oil for bx25d
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    bx transmission cooler

    has anybody measured hydraulic oil temp. and made cooler ??
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    ai2 quick connect

    bought AI2 quick connect to make it easier to change front attachments. don't seem to be able to quickly connect attachments, had a kubota quick attach before but had to deal with sticking pins any ideas??
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    bx25d hst pedal binding

    Found loose 3/8” nut sliding around in fed rev foot pedal linkage.
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    bx25d hst pedal

    thanks that nut was tight. pedal link pin binding, going to replace, if i can old one out.
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    bx25d hst pedal binding

    how do you remove hst pedal link ? do you have to drop driveshaft to get clearence ??
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    Backhoe thumb

    go ahead and purchase bxpanded quick attach bucket connector, you won"t be sorry. i have had one for over 3 yr. works great.. ihave 3 buckets and several ripper teeth. makes changing quick and pain less.
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    bx25d hst pedal

    Had tractor to two different dealers , both found nothing wrong. When you grease pedal through floor boards, will work for short while. Talked to dealer today and he figured must be bearing on pedal shaft. Ordered new one - when I get and install will let you know if it worked. Thanks
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    bx25d hst pedal

    bx25d hst pedal will not depress foward rev.ok