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    Expensive Seal kits

    I contacted Massicks to get a rebuild seal kits for the rams on my TL1300 loader, 7 O-rings in each kit, each kit costing $250, $500 for both rams. That is ridicules. Anybody figured out how to get seals from another source. I'm thinking, I will take apart the ram and Mic/Measure the seals and...
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    Idling, going to be picking up rocks off the property where it might sit for 5 minutes, at what point is it better for my Teir 4 tractor to just shut down and restart?
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    40MM, works great, Kubota grey or Army green?
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    FEL Bucket tilt Drifts down over 2hrs

    My new to me 2016 L47 with 400hrs, the FEL Bucket Tilt Drifts down over 2hrs, I do not believe this to be acceptable/normal, any ideas how to correct it. Thanks.