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    Bumper for G5200H

    I had an unknown brand front bumper that I received with the purchase of another garden tractor several years ago. I knew I'd find a use for it, so I modified the mounts to fit my recently-acquired 1985 G5200H. I moved the mount arms inboard, shortened them, and drilled them to fit...
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    Nerf bars for LED lights on ROPS - ZD331

    I mounted some LED floodlights on my ROPS of my ZD331. I keep the ROPS in the mid position to give me clearance, but they were still vulnerable to the tree branches, guy-wires, etc. on my property. I had some raw hoops that were originally bent up for mounting some motorcycle panniers, but were...
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    Kubota "Dry" Bushings?

    I am in the process of freshening my recently acquired G5200H lawn tractor. I ordered and received some replacement bushings for the steering sector gear and steering shaft. They are P/N's 66021-41120 and 66021-41130 respectively. The Kubota online parts list merely lists them as "bearings"...