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    Odd Bolt marking

    Took apart an older Howse 5' rotary cutter. The shear bolt is bent but not sheared, making me think the bolt may be a grade or two above what's recommended. What was there has an unusual marking (at least to me) on it. Can anyone identify this bolt marking? Thanks. Florida Al
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    Dipstick hole can spit

    My L2500 stays at the "farm." Went to check things out and looked at all the fluids, blew the radiator screen, etc. Cranked up, dismounted and started to put the side panels back on while it warmed. One of the bolts that fastens the panel surrounding the engine was really dry and difficult to...
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    L2500, tranny fluid change

    Recently bought an L2500DT. 475 hours on the clock. I've changed oil & filter, air filter, coolant and greased everything the book mentions. I'm about to change the transmission/hydraulic fluid. The book says to use Super UDT fluid. Should I go to Super UDT2 or stick with the basic Super...
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    L2500D PTO lever VERY hard to move

    The lever that engages the PTO shaft is really hard to move. I can't move it by simply pulling or pushing while sitting. I have to sort of hit it with the heel of my hand. Yes, I do have the clutch fully depressed when engaging/disengaging. I don't believe this has cables but I could be in...
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    L2500 ROPS tube dimension

    Folks, Recently bought an L2500DT to use on my small tree farm/hunting area in South Georgia. I'm installing a used golf cart canopy and want to get the parts before I head out on the 90 mile drive to where the tractor is located. Not realizing I shouldn't weld to the ROPS until I started...
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    Rookie needs help bleeding air

    First post. Glad to be here. Just bought an L2500DT. The seller had some financial issues and had skimped on maintenance recently. Admitted it needed oil change, greasing, etc. Clock is working and shows 375 hours. Two owners I am told. Grand Dad and the grandson I purchased it from. So I...