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    BX's house gets a new ceiling

    My BX is housed in the remaining two bottom floors of a 16th-century guard tower (there are still some firing slits) that had been used as a stable for the last three centuries. The roof was redone 40 years ago, and I already had the dirt-and-cobblestone floor replaced with concrete in 2018, so...
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    Rear ballast idea - good or bad?

    I have been thinking of a quick and easy way to make a rear ballast for the BX 231, and came up with this idea, which I submit here for the forum’s opinion. What if I weld a piece of heavy-gauge steel plate (red in the picture) to a 3-point hitch, so I can hang my 4 Kubota suitcase weights (+/-...
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    No tractor, still a Kubota

    Ancient Kubota 18 HP single cylinder in a Dutch punt:
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    Rear wheel spacers on BX231

    Last weekend I installed a set of Bro-tek 2" rear wheel spacers on the BX. Beautifully finished and they fit perfectly (fitting time was 20 minutes total for both sides). I didn't have time to take the machine for a little spin, but it already looks a lot more stable, more confidence-inspiring...
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    New member

    Hello everybody, Having followed this forum for the last three years, I finally decided to register. For my work I live in Africa, but I own a 17th-century farm house in a little (pop. 150) village close to Bastogne in southern Belgium, with about 3 acres, mainly old meadow with a little bit...