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    kubota 7100 load distribution block

    I recently retrofitted a 7100 hst smc q60 loader on to my older manual 7100 as the motor is bad on the hst. Off of the hydraulic pump on the side of the motor is a hard line that connects to an aluminum/steel block with two hydraulic ports. What exactly does this do. I saw a post before where a...
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    Smc q60 loader on 7100

    So I recently picked up a 7100d non hst tractor and a 92 7100hst that needs a motor rebuild. I took the loader off the hst and I’m trying to figure out the correct fitting that goes next to the seat. It appears to be a drain line that comes off that aluminum housing on the right side of the...
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    Kubota Hst project .. what year ?

    Hey guys so I’m starting to tear apart this hst I purchased. I did a compression test and got 240,220 and 100 psi. I have the pistons soaking in acetone and atf, I’m going to see if that help break up some of the carbon. The other thing I can’t seem to find is the serial number or my tractor ...
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    7100d va 7100 hst loader

    I have two 7100s, one is the standard d model and the other is a hst, the hst has the smc q60 loader. Do these bolt directly to any 7100 or are there differences between the two models
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    Wtb Kubota 7100 loader and backhoe

    Hey guys , I'm looking for a loader and backhoe for my 7100.... anyone selling
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    1990 7200 hst pedal adjustment

    Seems like a adjustment issue, reverse is fast, forward isn’t …. I took off the blue panel. Is there something to adjust under here
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    B6000 radiator ??

    Can you guys point me in the right direction. My radiator has a leak and I’d like to buy a new one if possible. I have her running really good. Put in new clutch, starter and fluids...
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    B6000 front loader??

    Would anyone happen to know if anyone sells or makes a front loader that would work with this tractor ??
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    WTB: Pto reverser for Kubota b6000

    I was recently given a b6000 in great shape. LMK