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    Grill Guard Saved the day

    A few days ago I was using the Grapple to put some brush on the burn pile. Stupid mistake occurred ....... I placed the load on top, turned to check what was behind me ...... Annndd Forward I went! I need one of those Helicopter Helmets that points things where you are looking! lol...
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    Hydraulic Top Link Pros/Cons & Recommendations

    I have a M5660 and am looking into Hydraulic Top Links. What are the Pros/Cons? Any recommendations on Options and Brands etc? I use a Tiller, Disc, Box Blade, Land Plane, Bush Hog etc. Thanks for your input.
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    Tar River DRL-072

    I just put a down payment on a new Tar River DRL-072. From the reviews it seems pretty good. I know it is not a no-till but I can live with that. Has anyone had any experience with on of these or similar seeder's? Thanks
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    M5660SUHD Fuel Usage Per Hour

    I have a M5660SUHD and love it! I graduated from a John Deere 4600. The 4600 is approx 43 HP the M5660 is approx 56 HP. The Fuel Tank on the M5660 holds approx 17 Gallons. I could run the John Deere all day plus some on 12 gallons. I know the 5660 is larger and will burn more fuel but just...
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    M5660SUHD 4WD Dash Light not coming on

    I am learning about my new M5660SUHD. I put it in 4WD this evening and noticed that the 4WD light on the dash did not come on. I know it was in 4WD because the front wheels were spinning while I was working the grapple in some dirt. Is there something else I need to do to get the light to...
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    M5660 Seat Suspension Upgrade

    I just got the M5660 tractor a few days ago. Have put a few hours on it and love it so far except for the seat/seat suspension. I weigh 215 pounds (Ok i need to drop another 20-25 - Have lost 60 so far). I have tightened the suspension but it was really hard to turn, and I did not want to...
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    Camera Mounting and Advice

    Does anyone have recommendations and or experience with mounting positions and types of "go-pro" type cameras on a tractor. I spend a lot of time in the woods preparing food plots and general work on the farm. I just thought it would be cool to get a camera and mount it and see what sort of...
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    Grab Hook Position

    I am waiting on my M5660 to be delivered next week. My current John Deere 4600 has Grab Hooks welded on the far left and right top of the bucket. I also have a 7/8" hitch ball welded in the middle of the bucket and that has come in handy over the years. I notice on the threads that the...