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    l3000dt dual clutch align. tool

    getting ready to put my l3000dt back together, w/ with dual clutch. any ideas on how to align the clutch, since i cant find a dual clutch align. tool, any help would be appreciated. thanks
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    l3000dt abnormal clutch wear/align tool

    I saw a posting about dual clutch prematurely wearing and wondered if that was why my L3000dt was wearing out twice as fast on one side of the disk than the other of the travel clutch disk. Service dept Vic advised that there two tec serv bulletins. i was wondering if that was what was going on...
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    wanted: dual clutch alignment tool

    wanted: dual stage clutch alignment tool that will work on a l3000dt contact big steve at ott
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    kubota l3000dt clutch wear

    on my l3000dt kubota i removed the dual stage clutch and found twice as much wear on one side of the clutch disk. this is the traveling clutch and the abnormal wear is on the side opposite the flywheel pressure plate....... any ideas what is causing this?????? thanks.......
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    kubota l3000dt clutch wear

    kubota l3000dt how do i find or make a dual stage clutch alignment tool for my l3000dt and any advise, tips or tricks to help complete this monumental task.