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    Wheel spacers

    Looking advice where and what price I can get 2" rear wheel spacers for my BX23s. Thank you
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    200 hour changes

    I am approaching 200 hours on my bx23s. The 50 hour change was made by the dealer. I am looking for suggestions in relocating filters and install wheel spacers. Opinions and recommended suppliers will help me get this done so I can do it myself. Thank you
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    Dolly for FEL OR BACKHOE

    The one that I bought last winter has a 1 x 3 inch post coming up from the frame. Ones that I seen in videos don't have this post. This comes with no directions. Anyone know about this post.
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    Cutting height control dial

    This is my first spring to cut grass with this new bx23s. I'm having a hard time turning this dial. Talk to the dealer and was told to keep working the control lever to free the dial up. Also he said it will get better once broke in. I'm sure this is something lots of people have no problem with...
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    Trouble attaching 60 in. Mower to my bx23s p1000

    I am trying to attach my mmm 60 inch mower for the first time on my bx23s. A instruction video told me to set the deck adjustment to 0. I turned the dial in my picture and it stopped turning on 4. I have tried to free it up and it will not move so I am missing something. I do not have a mower...
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    Leveling tool

    I am soon going to install a home made leveling guide. Still looking at different designs and trying to decide which one to go with. Originally this was for my FEL. Will this also work to help out using forks? Thanks
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    Bx23s vibration

    Anyone notice a vibration when traveling in 4 wheel drive. It is not there when doing 2 wheel.
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    Bx23s snow plow

    I called a dealership today asking for the part number for a snow blade with the skid steer quick hitch. I wanted to look online at pictures. The salesman told me bx2812 this is not a skid steer hitch. If what I want exsist please let me know the part number. Thank you.
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    LA 340 lift capcity

    Is the lifting limit set by hydrolics or tractor counter weight on the back of my bx23s or a combination of both? Thanks I'm new to Orange Talks and really enjoying the conversations and good advice for my new tractor. I am building a tool box / counter weight for FEL digging.