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    L245dt electrical plugs brittle

    i have a L245dt and the two electrical plugs that plug end on the left side of tractor are cracked and brittle. i had to remove the fuel tank and dash to replace steering column. the two plugs are in bad shape and i stopped to see if i can get the plugs. i wish i could find replacements male and...
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    transmission oil capacity for kubota L245dt

    i have a kubota L245dt tractor and would like to know how many quarts of fluid go in the transmission. i have kubota ud oil. it says 20qts in a book i have and it says 26qts in another web site. what be correct. i also have an allied front end loader on it if that makes a difference.
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    L245dt steering box

    i have a l245dt and im installing a new gear box. the gear box comes dry. can anyone tell me what gear oil to use and how much