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    Lb 400 bucket cylinder rebuild.

    I have seen an O-ring that sits on the exterior of the Ram cylinder many times on new Kubotas, I do not see any use for it, just an extra.
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    7’ Back Blade on a L4760

    Love my 7 footer, go heavy.
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    Gas Additives - What's your favorite snake oil..?

    Not a gas or diesel additive but an oil additive "Proma" MBL8, I don't know how it does it but that friction test they do is very impressive, a salesman came by my fire station before I retired and let us do the testing with everything we could think of like, Mobil 1, Slick 50, and all the rest...
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    Solar power for my new home

    I put in a grid tied system myself 10 months, 8.25 kw, will be paid off in 5 years, $14,000, all so with the Q7 inverters it auto shuts off with no gride power for lin-men safety, I could put in a secondary system for $3-5000 to fool it with a/c coupling, but I am not going to worry about it...
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    L3800 hydraulics

    Disconnect and cap the lines and see if it still drifts down to isolate it to the cylinder, I just did that with my FEL bucket cylinder at 300hrs, just rebuilt it. much better.
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    Locating a M60 series tractor

    I shopped for over a year before I found mine.
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    3pt disk question

    My L47 works with a small disc that the 3pt can lift no problem, and I disc 10 acres in about 8hrs.
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    Expensive Seal kits

    Thanks I will do that.
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    Buckets Dropping When Tractor Shut-off

    Please keep us up-dated, my L47 (330hrs) does the same thing, I capped off the hoses to test the rams and it still dropped, figure it is the ram seals, just found out that the kit, 7 seals/O-rings is $250 per ram. $500 plus tax to DIY rebuild my 2 bucket rams, Ridiculous.
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    Expensive Seal kits

    I contacted Massicks to get a rebuild seal kits for the rams on my TL1300 loader, 7 O-rings in each kit, each kit costing $250, $500 for both rams. That is ridicules. Anybody figured out how to get seals from another source. I'm thinking, I will take apart the ram and Mic/Measure the seals and...
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    FEL Bucket tilt Drifts down over 2hrs

    Up-date, FINALLY got the hydraulic plugs and caps needed to isolate my curl rams. They slowly dropped telling me it was both rams needing rebuilds. Better then the spools/valves. I rebuilt a couple on my old JD backhoe, anybody have recommended rebuild video for the rams on my Kubota. Yes...
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    Where’s my pond algae?

    When the water warms up its hard to stop, I put in a nighttime bubbler, sand filter, UV light and Citron, but I know it's only time before it warms up. Yes, it is a small pond, 40ft.
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    M62 Loader/Bucket Dropping When Tractor Shut off...

    Please keep us updated on fix, & yes the operation police annoy me also.
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    It really depends on the attachment points for that cradle chain theory to work, I just had a trailer detach at the best possible place, the crossed chains were not attached to the trailer and RV for that to work, also in the 200-300 ft for me to pull over and stop, one chain was worn thru and...
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    How about that Elon Musk huh?

    Free speech, that's a novel idea, I don't think he made his money by being stupid, and if it did fail, he will still have more than us.
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    Toolbox ideas for L4060HST-C

    Love my large 40mm toolbox.
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    I'm easily offended I guess...

    What is the definition of woman? Ok I am going to be cancelled. You all please thicken your skin.
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    Kubota L345DT & various attachments for sale

    Where are you located at? That is the $64,000 question.
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    Moving a lot of dirt with L2501

    If you are going to run it long and hard, I rent the tool, had to trench 1/2 mile for a share of my neighbors well, rented a sit-down trencher, used it for 13hrs straight, best $900 I have spent, if I would have done that with my old commercial JD backhoe I would have spent more then that in...
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    Anyone have experience with a rock bucket for a L3901??

    Wow, that's light, my regular 72" bucket is 400lbs, hope some L3901 owners with experience pipe up. These buckets really do not move much wood, to small, I lift fallen trees to fit in my dump trailer with my debris forks, to cut and split at home, that is what works for me. Good luck.