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    Change out old regulator and rectifier for new combined one - how hard?

    Hi All i have an old but reconditioned B1500. looking at the charging system it has a bundle of ancient components which I fear at some point will fail. See pic which I think shows a separate regulator, rectifier, diode and something called a control unit. I wondered about what it would take...
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    What is this electrical component?

    Hi All what are these three components that come off the voltage regulator? can’t see them on the wiring diagram - it is a B1500 if relevant cheers
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    B1500 strange starting issue

    B1500 went dead on me and would not start - no lights on dash nothing having been running fine. As an emergency fix I put the battery in it from my electric fence which was a physically larger more powerful battery and started up. the odd thing it having replaced the original battery with a new...
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    How to check transmission fluid level?

    Hi All i have an old B1500 which has leaked a bit of what looks like transmission fluid out of the back axle onto the garage floor. I have tighten up the bolt that had worked loose but how do I tell if it needs topping up? There is no dipstick for transmission fluid just a fill hole under the...
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    How to wire up hour meter on B series?

    At some point in time the hour meter on my B1500 has had the wires cut so it doesn’t function. Is this an easy thing to wire back in so I can judge maintenance schedules etc? The wires have been cut right close to the back of the hour meter and no obvious cut wires to reconnect to thanks all
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    B1500 fan belt replacement - v tight fit?

    noticed my fan belt was going with chunks missing. Tried to get it off but it was so tight even with adjuster slackened off all the way in - in fact adjustor wouldn’t move any further in. In the end just cut if off and thought it had been fitted with one that was too short. Anyway have got the...
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    B1500 fan belt replacement

    Does anyone know if you have to remove the radiator to do this or have a guide for this or a similar tractor? thanks
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    B1500 Service Oils etc

    Hi does anyone know what engine oil I need to Service this tractor and what the part numbers are for the fan belt and oil filter? cant seem to find anything online thanks
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    B1500 clutch sticking help pls

    Looking for some advice here. I have a B1500 compact tractor recently restored so in decent condition. Now when I engage the gear, lift the clutch and apply revs nothing happens until there is a clunk or twang like something releasing and the tractor drives forwards. Sounds like it is coming...