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    Solar battery charger for tractor

    Hello good OTT folks, my tractor is stored in a lean-to shed without any power close by and I was looking for a solution to keep my battery charged on the LX2610. It gets used mostly in cooler months and will likely not be started much over the summer time. Found a few solar chargers on...
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    Crusher run thickness under concrete slab

    Good day everyone. I have a lean-to shed that I will be putting some crusher run into in order to make a better surface for the tractor and implements. Eventually I may want to poor concrete in there. So I think that normally around 4" of crusher run is typical beneath a floating slab like this...
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    Bio Diesel fuel maintenance factors

    Tried a search already, hope I didn't miss anything yet so here goes... U.S. based....was at the pump the other day and saw a decal on the diesel pump that said "may contain up to 5% bio". After going through my manual for the LX2610 it appears that using bio is okay with certain conditions...
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    Missing bolt?

    Testing out the new 535 loader in the woods and the bucket level indicator fell off. I assume a bolt is supposed to keep it connected? See in the pic the part I am referring to.
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    Third function button function swap

    Good day everyone. I finally got the loader and third function for the LX2610, about three months after I got the tractor. The dealer installed the Landpride third function and the bottom button closes the lid of the grapple while the top button opens it. Just wondering if there is a "standard"...
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    ISO32 or ISO46? Which one?

    I live in Newnan Georgia, about 30 miles south of Atlanta. I'm getting a new Woodland Mills WC68 chipper that specs the ISO32 (or ISO46 in "warmer climates"). Does it really matter to me which one I use? Winter temps here rarely get below 30F. Would one perform better as an "all season"...
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    Shear bolts? For a Woodland Mills WC68 chipper

    I finally made a decision to purchase the WC68 chipper, should be here in the next 2-4 weeks. In the mean time I want to get stocked up on spare parts like shear bolts. They spec out either an M8x50 8.8, or 5/16x2 Grade 5. It seems like many adverts with shear bolts neglect to state the grade of...
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    3 point hitch activation point

    Super new to tractors. I have an LX2610 that I purchased in late October. Anyway, I noticed that when I use the lever to raise the 3 point hitch it won't move until the lever is approximately at the #4 mark on the lever scale next to the lever (about half way). It does seem to raise all the way...
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    LX2610 grill guard dimensions

    Does anyone have the following two dimensions? I am going to get a head start on purchasing materials for adding a screen to the grill guard for when my FEL finally arrives. Thank you.
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    Rodents / mice / chipmunks

    I think this might fall under preventative maintenance. I'll be parking my tractor in a lean-to shed. What are folks doing to help prevent rodents of any sort from nesting, chewing on wires, or generally reeking havoc on their tractor? Can anything be done?
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    LX2610 owner (operator) manual source

    Hello. New owner here (for any tractor, not just this model), haven’t taken delivery yet but should be ready in next week or so. In the mean time I have exhausted my search capabilities trying to find an online owner manual for the LX2610HST. I would really like to read through it before...