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  1. Hue

    Electrical problems? step 1 check fuses

    Just a friendly reminder to check fuses when trouble shooting electrical problems. It can save you a decent amount of time and maybe $. Good news is my lawn tractor is up and running again, and I only wasted an afternoon.
  2. Hue

    Stump Bucket Grapple L4060

    Just thought I'd share this video of me taking down a Spruce tree. I'm loving this stump bucket. I've cleared about an acre so far.
  3. Hue

    crazy things kids say, or do

    A place to showcase the funny things kids say, and do. "What's Jesus doing out of the truck?" - I have a bobble head buddy Christ, you know the one giving the thumbs up and pointing at you. He usually lives in the truck but I had put him in the garage. "Hey dad, your woody is peeing!" - We...
  4. Hue

    Darnit, there was a witness

    So I clipped the corner of the compost bin with the fel, taking a turn a little too loose. :eek: No biggie, but I instinctively start looking around for witnesses. Of course, my wife was not 30 feet away at the garage door. :( What happened there? she asks. :mad: Got distracted by a beautiful...
  5. Hue

    dismounting is not a failure

    When new to tractoring, I often felt like a failure every time I had to get out and finish things by hand. I've come to realize that it often saves time, you end up doing less damage, and heck....even manage to get some exercise. Let me tell you, trying to grab a 2 inch diameter "tree" with the...