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    BH92 Welding at cylinders falling apart

    Anyone know of a thread that addresses the terrible weld quality on my 2018 BH92? The amount of oxidation is completely ridiculous compared to everywhere else on my tractor. Granted I live in heavy salt air but I don't see any degradation that compares to this.
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    Source for Top Link Bushings for quick hitch?

    Does anyone know where one can find sleeve bushings for a top link to match up better with my QH15 quick hitch? I'm specifically looking for ⅞" ID to 1-¼" OD x 2" length. I'd like to remove some of the slop for a few hefty attachments: flail mower, land leveler and box blade. Last summer the...
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    Cab glass replacement

    Hey y’all, wondering if anyone can recommend good place to buy & send asap: replacement glass for my cab. L4060 hstc. Thx bunches!