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    Grand L stainless steel coffee screen fitment ?

    Hello all Has any one tried to put one of those stainless steel coffee screens in the filler neck of a grand L ( L6060) ? Watching Messick's video and reading the comments, it seems the filler neck is a bit different and the screen will not fit. Thanks.
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    excavator KX121-2 kubota torque specs slew ring bolts

    My 121-3 calls for 224 ftlbs and 271 (red) licktite.
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    L 35 4 wheel drive shifter problem

    Your best bet is to download a copy of the Kubota work shop manual (WSM). Lots of great info in it, and quite cheap for what you get.
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    Widening a too narrow 3 point implement

    so for the few times a year you will use the baler, why not just skip the Q, H, and connect directly to the tractor ?
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    Kubota L200

    Some mighty fine pictures. Thanks.
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    3 point log splitter

    A set of rear remotes would be the place to start. Pictures of the splitter hoses and valve would help also.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Better to get a better one, than to fix a lighter one after you hook it on a tree root. You can never go wrong with quality.
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    RTV-x1100c black smoke and loss of power.

    RTV's are work horses, not race horses. Unloaded or loaded, they're slow and steady.
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    Loader and Front-end Level (side-to-side) on BX23S

    NO. both rear, or front, should have equal pressure. Sounds like the loader was not mounted properly ??? A few pictures would help. Does the bucket sit level (side to side) on the floor ?
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    Electrical damage caused by rodent 2004 Kubota B7610

    AS others have stated; take your time. You will use more time troubleshooting a error, than you will double/triple checking your work, one step at a time. Take notes, pictures, make little diagrams as needed. This is not complicated work, just very time consuming.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    For what they will be doing, I think the 2x6 was the wise choice. They look well made.
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    MID PTO gear reduction

    No I have not. But I don't know why you would, when it is so easy to just get a 3 Pt mount blower. Even if you have a front mount blower, it would be easier to sell it and get a 3pt mount.
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    Tractordata shows it calls for a LA181. Here is one on tractorhouse for sale. View Details Updated: Wednesday, July 20, 2022 06:50 AM KUBOTA LA181 Loaders Other Equipment Price:USD $4,000 Get Financing* Machine Location: Mt. Sterling, Ohio 43143 Bucket Siz
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    LA 302 loader issue

    Have you replaced or uncoupled any hoses recently ?
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    Newbie w/light and beeping question

    Did your tractor come with a owners manual ? If not you should be able to download one from Kubota. A WSM ( Work Shop Manual) is also a great reference to have and are relatively cheap. Nice looking rig.
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    L2501 HD Grill-Brush Guard for the LA526 Loader........

    Very well done. I am sure it will last the life of the tractor.
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    Electrical Diagram Question

    The letters are wire colors. BUT, blue is L, and sky blue is sb, purple is Pu or V, the rest are normal abbreviations.
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    Why is my PTO lever stuck?

    Is it a lever or a little yellow button ?
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    3540HST, will not rev up when pushing pedal.

    is the ata ( Auto Throttle Advance) turned on.
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    BX23S rear hydraulic color codes

    what does your owners manual show.