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  1. Hue

    Split Brakes

    Super useful when back-dragging.
  2. Hue

    Ukraine war over ?

    What was the price of gas in your area prior to the war? It's still way more than before the war, where I am. 1.20$/L pre-war to 2$/L today. Peaked at 2.40$/L couple weeks back.
  3. Hue

    crazy things kids say, or do

    kid at Subway restaurant: I'll have a six inch footlong.
  4. Hue

    Puter geeks

    try "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" to get into the task manager. Try to identify the task (program) that is connected to the ad, and end it. Hope this helps.
  5. Hue

    New wood chipper

    Turns out we're pretty much neighbors. I'm in Nasonworth, just south of F'ton. That's a great price, I'm jealous. I'm clearing a bunch of land and it would come in handy for sure. Oh well, I'll have the tractor paid off soon, that's going to be my next attachment.
  6. Hue

    how heavy is too heavy of a grapple

    I got a stump bucket grapple from Prime Attachments. I have it on a L4060 with LA805. It's 550 lbs. No issues so far.
  7. Hue

    Seeking advice for ground prep (grass seed planting)

    I use a box blade to grab big rocks and roots, flatten everything, then mow the smaller roots. Takes a year or two for the exposed parts of the small roots to rot, but I'm in no hurry.
  8. Hue

    Kubota l4760hstc 2018 model has started stalling. It first does it in a pull then basically does it all the time

    Not sure it's helpful but, for passenger vehicles, I've been taught to troubleshoot the three parts of combustion. 1) Fuel- you mention that's OK 2) Air - check air filter 3) Fire- check spark plugs I'm new to hydraulic systems, so not sure how that fits in.
  9. Hue

    How common are broken SSQA pins?

    No, it split in half at the grease groove, leaving 2 short cylinders.
  10. Hue

    How common are broken SSQA pins?

    I've had one split in half, it looked like only one side was getting grease. I'm guessing the difference in resistance created a shearing force.
  11. Hue

    New wood chipper

    Where about in NB, and how much did it cost?
  12. Hue

    Digging a greenhouse.

    You might want to consider a box blade for ballast in the rear. Every time you carry a load out you could drag some material with you too.
  13. Hue

    Electrical problems? step 1 check fuses

    Just a friendly reminder to check fuses when trouble shooting electrical problems. It can save you a decent amount of time and maybe $. Good news is my lawn tractor is up and running again, and I only wasted an afternoon.
  14. Hue

    HST Owners : On the gas , but having to hit the brake..?

    Recently learned how to use the split brake when back-dragging gravel on the driveway. When I was applying downward pressure with the bucket it was enough to lift my front wheels to the point where I lost steering. The rear end would inevitably start to drift downslope, away from the crown...
  15. Hue

    OK, so a ship explodes and later sinks in a war zone?

    Nothing to see here, that’s how this newly declared Russian submarine submerges. On fire and being towed. On the count of three hold your breath.
  16. Hue

    What didn't you do with your Kubota today ?

    Two words, mud season.
  17. Hue

    Spring is Here

    Crocuses are out.
  18. Hue

    Happy Easter & Passover...

    Happy Easter everyone!
  19. Hue

    Stump Bucket

    I've cleared about an acre with my L4060 and stump bucket. I stay in M-low, I could see getting into trouble in L-low. No issues so far.