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    BX ballast-400lb enough?

    From BX2360 manuals: Loader manual recommends a maximum of 420 pounds on the rear as loader ballast. Tractor manual recommends a maximum of 275 pounds on the front as rear implement ballast. Bruce
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    Is the rule of thumb, "if you can reverse up the hill, you can drive up the hill"?

    Don't try mowing forwards or backwards, up or down a 60 degree hill. :) When you measure straight down from the end of a level 8ft board (about 100 inches), the inch measurement will (about) equal the grade percent. "About" is good enough since your slope is not perfectly angled anyway. Bruce
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    Trailer ball mount

    The support to the center hook keeps a heavier trailer from over-flexing the bucket bottom. The ball is visible from the seat, which makes it much easier to use. A conventional ball mount in the rise position could be used. I found the fabricated one I used at a yard sale. It can be mounted...
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    Tree work and pulling advice - rope or chain recommendations?

    I have a 30ft tow strap for each vehicle, and a couple in the tractor shed. Also I use several 3/8 cables and several blocks. A BX won't overstress any of it. Bruce
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    Angle of the dangle

    That's called "Rule of Butt." :) Bruce
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    Attaching Implements to the Rear PTO. What am I doing wrong?

    Never had a problem hooking up a PTO shaft. I do it as a two step process. 1. WITHOUT USING THE LOCK BUTTON OR COLLAR, turn and push the shaft until the splines align, then push on until the lock stops it. 2. THEN, while using the button or collar release, push it on the rest of the way...
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    Draw bar uses if you have a 3-point or quick hitch mounted receiver?

    That odd shaped loop on the end of your chain (in post #41) is used to adjust the length. Rotate it 180 degrees from the position in the photo, then it will grab a chain that goes through the loop Bruce.
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    Bigger bucket for BX?

    Here's one way. Bruce
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    Hoist Ring Tie Down?

    "I was thinking of picking up a pair of used hoist rings..." Is this what you are referring to? Bruce
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    Daily Chuckle

    It really is a truck. Bruce
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    3 Point Tree Puller

    If you have small trees, here is a simple puller, Bruce
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    3 Point Tree Puller

    There are some tree puller designs that use a vertical hydraulic cylinder to push against the ground to pull the tree. The 3pt hitch or loader just has to carry it around. Bruce
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    The Unabomber wasn't so dumb.....

    From: The FBI used the case identifier UNABOM (University and Airline Bomber) to refer to his case before his identity was known, which resulted in the media naming him the "Unabomber". Bruce
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    Any Steam RR Fans Here?

    Maybe because they would have to pay for three full train crews instead of just two additional engine crews. Bruce
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    The top-n-tilt top link is already damaged. User error or poor design?

    The original joint seems to be one that was designed to be welded into a hole, not on the end of a rod. Bruce
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    mowing a fence line and a 16 acres of field tractor suggestions?

    What kind of fence, and why do you have a fence? In the Southwest irrigation-farming area, fences are rare. Almost non-existent unless enclosing livestock. Too expensive to build and maintain. In the photo below there probably isn't one fence. Bruce
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    Trailering accident - Any idea what happened here?

    Last time I used the tractor, I pushed down the forward pedal for a short move, took my foot off, the pedal didn't come up, and the tractor kept moving forward until I got on the brake. There was a small rock wedged between the pedal arm and the housing. Locked it solid. Bruce
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    safety chain placement

    I would shorten the chain so it can't wrap around the PTO shield. Bruce
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    equitable way to purchase and/or share implements with neighbor

    From the many bad sharing stories I've read, I think the only workable arrangement is to only share with someone you are married to. Bruce