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  1. motionclone

    Fords are junk

    Get off the highway the other day in my 2012 f150 and smell brakes. Hoping it was the car in front of me it wasnt. Driver front wheel was smoking. Figured it was a stuck caliper again so i changed it out. That wasnt the problem. Turns out the rubber brake line was restricted by rust jacking...
  2. motionclone

    How about that Elon Musk huh?

    Seems like a good guy taking down the propaganda machine and all.
  3. motionclone

    F##kin FORDS!

    Thanks ford you suck. First time and last time owning an F150. Ive had good luck with superduties for work and plowing, they hold up well. But this F150 POS is pissing me off. I bought it used with 110k on the clock. shortly after coolant leaks and exhaust leaks. have to roll the window down in...
  4. motionclone

    Oil color

    Ive owned 3 kubota engines now and several other diesels over the years. After an oil change the oil only looks clean for a short time then turns black quickly. This has been my experience up until recently. My new to me 3000hr Bobcat T300 Track Loader with 82hp turbo kubota engine has 30 hrs...
  5. motionclone


    Sad time watching ukraine be invaded. they seem caught off guard.
  6. motionclone

    Sold the tractor and bought something better

    Sold my old L345DT in one day of advertising locally and now ive upgraded to a kubota powered skidsteer. (actually compact track loader) Tractor just wasnt cutting it for what i need now. Ive been looking at skidsteers for a year. Found a decent deal on this Bobcat T300, 81hp Kubota Turbo.
  7. motionclone

    Kubota L345 DT for sale, runs great

    Im selling my L345 DT 4x4 1080hrs . Loader with bucket and forks attachment, Forks have a hydraulic grapple thumb operating off of a third function valve. 800lb concrete ballast , loaded rear tires. 72" Box blade. $9500obo Located in Maine.
  8. motionclone

    Cooling issue with my excavator, Kubota engine

    Ive got a recent issue with temps rising to warning levels on my Bobcat Excavator. Its got the V2003T kubota engine (4cyl, turbo 58hp) After about an hour of moderate to heavy use at 2200rpm, the temp creeps up to the yellow zone on temp guage at which time i idle back and take a break. The...
  9. motionclone

    Special moment in history, lol

    Maybe it was meant to be like this but the Blue origin spaceship looks like a ...........
  10. motionclone

    Admitting a stupid mistake

    This is about checking the simple things before assuming a more involved and complicated problem. So I use my excavator, Bobcat 337D one weekend for about 10 hours shut it off and dont turn it back on until the following weekend. I start it up and it runs just fine but the Hydraulic safety...
  11. motionclone

    Fuel Transfer Tank Build (from old compressor tank)

    My 30 gal Craptsman compressor motor crapped out at 5 years old so i replaced the motor but only a few years later the bottom developed a leak so I took it out of service and got a new compressor. I kept the tank for a project i had in mind. I stuck a pressure washer inside to get rid of the...
  12. motionclone

    Whats up with the recent UFO/UAP acknowledgements by government?

    I realize this stuff has been going on for a while but only recently has the gov said yeah they are real and unidentified. Are we about to be visited?
  13. motionclone

    PPP for self employed WITHOUT employees

    Some of you self employed may not realize the forgiven PPP loans are not just for small business with employees but for self employed without employees as well. And the new deadline for getting the money is coming up on May 21. You get about 20% of line 7 on your schedule C from 2019 or 2020...
  14. motionclone

    Tie rod ends

    Whats a good napa alternative to factory tie rod ends on my L345dt? What have others done to replace? Mine are pretty sloppy and are stupid expensive in oem.
  15. motionclone

    Concrete Workbench top?

  16. motionclone

    A way to block members from viewing threads

    Is there a way to block some members from viewing threads controllable by the original poster of thread? Too often a couple members here scream and yell about what gets posted and cry to have it removed or for members to be banned all the while insisting they be a part of the very conversation...
  17. motionclone

    ANyone here a member of Heavy Equipment Forums? I signed up a week ago to help with maintaining my excavator but I havent been "confirmed" yet. Automated sign up says they sent an email for me to respond back to in a confirmation process but i never got an email. And the address is correct. I tried...
  18. motionclone

    Finally, some justice in the Russia Collusion hoax/spygate/coup

    Looks like the FBI lawyer that falsified docs to get "legal" spy authority on Carter Page and the Trump Campaign just pled guilty to fabricating evidence. Hope more scumbags like him hang soon.
  19. motionclone

    Whos shipped equipment or cars across the country?

    Im likely in the market for a shipper to transport a purchased toy and also possibly ship away a sold toy. Ive never used this type of service but with all the extra crazy going around dont think ill be taking any cross country trips anytime soon. How reliable is this service timing wise and...
  20. motionclone


    Terrorists have taken over part of a US City. They are armed and have given a list of demands. Why have we not sent in tanks and military to take it back?