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    L1500DT Front Drive Shaft:

    Hey Folks, I hope everyone is doing Great, :) A belated Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. OK so I have followed KennyMillar's adventures with his front driveshaft, and I am glad he was able to find the needed parts, it just sucks he can't find a decent driveshaft shop, sighs...
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    Kubota Blue

    Hey Folks, 1 more question before bed, yawns. I simply can't find a shade of blue that will match the Kubota blue anywhere at a reasonable price, (not gonna pay 20 or 30 bucks for a rattle can), and I'm not setup right now to use my spray gun. So here's the question, I have a bunch of...
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    L175/1500dt Brakes

    Hey Folks, Starting a new thread for the brakes on my l1500dt. Can anyone tell me if the shoes are riveted on or glued? If they are riveted on then I have my problem solved, glued he said a 50/50 shot that we can do it and make it work. knowing up front how they are attached and any other...
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    Tack Cable

    Hey Everyone, Is the tack cable the same for the 1500 as it is for the 175, I think I read somewhere that they are different? Thanks Samantha
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    Adding Temp sensor

    Hey Everyone, I'm not sure I am posting this in the right spot, so if not please move it.. OK so I am working on my l 1500 DT and adding an electric fan, has anyone done this or installed a temp gauge/sensor before, I can't find a spot to plug/screw one in anywhere. Thanks Samantha
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    Converting L1500DT to power steering

    Hey Everyone, It has been some time since I posted to the forum. I know the last couple of posts I made was concerning my pending heart surgery, which I am happy to report went very well and my recovery has been rapid and complete. The scar is all but gone, the surgeon complied with my...
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    Some of my equipment mods.

    Hey Everyone, I thought I would share some of the equipment mods & implement creations I have done over the years. It is amazing how much more functional a piece of equipment can be with a little imagination, work and steel. I will start with a basic pic of my L1500DT, she isn't much to look...
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    Adding Auxiliary Hydraulics to kubota L1500DT

    Hi Vic & Everyone, This site is awesome, loads of great info! I originally wrote this as a comment on the main page but I got an error when I tried to summit it so I am posting it here instead, not sure if this is the right spot for it, if not please feel free to move it. I have a L1500DT and...