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    LED light bulbs

    I've been converting my home and garage to LED's for a couple of years now. I have a fairly sizable 2 level home that is 18yro and is just loaded with lighting. There is 41 65w ceiling spot lights alone between the 2 levels. I think with the the remaining lights there is over 100 in total. Well...
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    Hazardous to your health

    Gas in plastic bags .......
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    BX Hydraulics

    I Change/service my transmission about every 3-4 years, but I change filter every year when I switch from grass to snow. Do you guys have a schedule or just random?
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    BX5450 Blower

    Yesterday I got to thinking: when was the last time I changed the gear lube ?? Couple of years back I suppose. Well today's a good day to do it. I drain the oil and refill with full synthetic. Then I got to looking at the old oil and it's got something on it (lets call it like pond scum) that...
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    BX2230 Steering cyl

    I had this replaced by a dealer 50mi away week ago.. Found it's leaking on right side connection...where??? can't tell for sure. Anyway, it's impossible for me to get a wrench on fitting to try and tighten more. Service guy @ dealer tells me he has nothing coming my way and has no idea when he...
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    Loose steering

    I've had my BX2230 in to service the steering 3 times now and they cannot get it to be sloppy. When I'm using machine the steering tends to wander and last week just quit, no resistance at all for about ten minutes and then it came back. So I had them come and get it. Well, they can't get it to...
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    BX5450 snowblower

    I did a dumb thing and left the alignment tab up when mating the blower to quick hitch. That in turn cut the plastic shaft guard in half on blower. Does anyone have the part # or correct name of the part.? It looks like it clips into the other half of guard.
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    Finally happened

    Well it's finally happened to my 2230 with 621hr, steering going out. It was fine until I had the tranny serviced and since then it's a "wandering child". Apparently SUDT2 is a lot thinner then the SUDT that was changed out, and is leaking past the seals in the steering cyl. Dealer should be...
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    BX fuel tank

    Is it possible or impossible, to access the sending unit on the BX2230 to replace the gasket by removing the plastic cover/cup holder on the left fender? I've always wondered if there would be an easier way to get at it other then removing the fender.
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    BX 5450 Blower

    Well I went and picked up my new snow blower this morning and have it installed & ready to go. Other than the repositioning of the skid shoes and blunt scraper bar, there isn't a whole lot of major changes that I can see right now. My old unit is at the dealers to be sold. They didn't want to...
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    Fan shear bolts

    Out of the blue today I sheared 2 fan bolts, the ones that pin the fan to the shaft....why??? We had about 3" of wet heavy snow last night. The first one went when I was clearing what the plow piled up across the drive, had the rpm's up, so just take it slower, .. bad. I didn't have...
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    Glow plugs

    All of a sudden my glow plugs have seemed to quit working. Light on dash lights up, but it just cranks away until it starts. Prior to this, I'd warm the plugs for a 7 count and bang, it would start almost immediately. It lives in a heated garage so the cold is not an issue. I've not had time to...
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    Help me out here

    My 2230 started acting up last winter (dieing like you turn the key off for a second or two and then recovering) when I was traveling to a snow removal job. When it first done this I thought it was a load of iffy fuel and just put some SeaFoam in the tank to rid it of moisture. Well it's summer...
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    BX2230 miss

    Hi guys, got a curious problem. When finishing cutting the grass there was a couple times the engine seemed to momentarily stopped and picked up again... like a second or two. This happened 2 maybe 3 times when I was finishing up. Last fall I replaced all the fuel filters and oil & filter. I...
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    Diesel Fuel

    Can you tell me what the difference is between #1 and #2 low sulfur fuel off road or otherwise? Would it be compared to premium and regular in gasoline? The reason I ask is the #1 is considerably more expensive.
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    BX2230 4WD U joint

    Hi guys, I was just wondering what you do/use on the small 4WD U joint on the shaft that drives the front wheels. Unlike the the drive shaft for the deck & snow blower, it's a non grease-able joint. That, I don't understand? All that aside, do you pay any special attention to that area or...
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    I've noticed on this site along with several others that the posters and/or responders refer to their snow blower, tractor, gun, whatever, as a "SHE" or "HER". Now I was not aware that you could buy any of the above named equipment in a different or preferred gender. I just went out and went...
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    Portable gas cans

    I don't know about you guys but I got blindsided about the change to "no spill" gas cans that happened back in '99?. Like most other people I had several of the older (and loved) cans for a bunch of years and never needed any more. Heck, I gave some away because of having too many not being...
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    U joints

    I removed the cover from the front axel FWD U-joint on my BX 2230 expecting to find a grease zerk . Hmmm, nada!:confused: Are these sealed for life and require no maintainence ever? There are grease zerks on everything else, why not here?.