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  1. re54drider

    Had a flat!!!

    Air might be free, but compressed air comes at a cost.
  2. re54drider

    L3200 won't start....Going RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT

    With the limited information I would put a new battery in.
  3. re54drider

    More service problems

    NC Senate leaders strike controversial 'right to repair' from 2022 Farm Act Dealers and manufacturers have lobbied heavily against the "right to repair" so they can make their money. Claim its a safety issue or that folks will use their software to illegally modify their tractors.
  4. re54drider

    Hunting and game posts

    :rolleyes:If this offends you why did you bother to open the thread?
  5. re54drider

    Big tool rack - no returns in 7 years claim

    I have no answer for this. Go here: I have no clue which to believe. Good thing I don't want one.
  6. re54drider

    Big tool rack - no returns in 7 years claim

    Took me a while to figure this out. The one you posted is for US shipping. The one I posted was for Canada.
  7. re54drider

    Big tool rack - no returns in 7 years claim

    I don't know where your got your return information but here is what is currently on their website: Returns Policy Returns are welcome within (14) days for a refund, minus any shipping costs incurred. No returns will be accepted after (14) days of receipt of the item(s). Please Note: If the item...
  8. re54drider

    Impact wrench

    Bucktail, That compressor will not be able to keep up with the 9 CFM requirements of the impact wrench for more that a couple of seconds. More importantly, if your bush hog is like mine you access the nuts for the blades from the top through an access port provided just for that. If the...
  9. re54drider

    Impact wrench

    Been there and done that. That extra 5 gallon tank will buy you a couple of seconds at full power. In the cases where I tried that it only worked if the bolts came off fairly easily. After that it will not have enough air to produce 2000 foot pounds. You don't specify what flow rate your...
  10. re54drider

    B2710 with bushhog questions

    I agree with Russell. Something is not assembled correctly here. Also, the large amount of metal shavings below the PTO concerns me as well as an indication of improper assembly. Either the parts are wrong for the tractor or they are not installed correctly.
  11. re54drider

    Messed up new honda engine? Why?

    Bad gas will clog up the fuel system and, in my experiece, will not clear with new gas. I would suggest cleaning the working parts of the carb. Completely drain all the gas and start anew.
  12. re54drider

    Operating over septic tank and field

    Must be nice to have a utility company care that much. Around here if I am not present they do what they want. I have electric right of way through my property which runs over my drain field. Last time they came to trim I had to stop them from driving over it.
  13. re54drider

    Credit Rating Nonsense

    Go to Annual Credit Required by law to get your 3 repports once a year for free.
  14. re54drider

    Generator Transfer Switch Setup, Better Late Than Never.

    Having seen the effects of using a breaker in this manner I can say this is not a good thing. Circuit breakers are not rated to handle a load from that end. I personally witnessed a genset trying to feed the local power grid when the breaker failed. Burned out an 8K generator. Check your codes.
  15. re54drider

    Something just crossed my mind

    No offense to anyone, but I have only used the diff lock with one wheel spinning, on both a MF and on my 2800. I don't think it will engage unless the tranny is moving. These were/are both gear not hydro. I have not damaged anything yet. These are tractors, not toys.
  16. re54drider

    54" VS 60" FEL Bucket

    Sorry, I misspoke. I have the 72 inch bucket rather than the 60 inch it is supposed to have. At any rate, if it is wider than the tractor keep that in mind when maneuvering around things.
  17. re54drider

    54" VS 60" FEL Bucket

    If it is wider than the tractor footprint then stick with the smaller one. I got convinced to go with the 60 inch bucket and I can't tell you how many times I have run into things with the wider bucket.
  18. re54drider

    Safety switch.

    Safety switch.