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  1. fishpick

    Building a better brush guard for my L4760

    Nothing new in this thread really - I had asked about what other folks did for their Grand L 60 brush guard needs in prep for a grapple - specifically working around the articulating part of the grill. I took some ideas people shared, added my own "this is what I want to do" and decided to dust...
  2. fishpick

    7’ Back Blade on a L4760

    Too big? Too small? Just right? and go!
  3. fishpick

    Anyone have pictures of a Grand L 60 grill they welded up?

    I have my expanded steel and have a plan but was curious to see any pictures of how other jobs have dealt with the split grill / articulation folding forward part. I know what I want to do but I’m interested in seeing how others have solved that!
  4. fishpick

    What are those holes for?

    I have always wondered and never used those holes along the bottom of the Grand L 60 grill guard… pointing at them with expanded steel that’s about to become one with the grill in preparation for the grapple. (I posted in the attachment section because I suppose a grill guard is an attachment…)
  5. fishpick

    Sawhaul on a Grand L 60 series cab?

    Anyone with Grand L xx60 cab model got a sawhaul installed on the loader? Specifically the LA1055. (Love my big tool rack by several times now with the rotary on I could have used my saw) Looking for pictures worth 1000 words more than opinions or “it should work I installed one on my zero turn”...
  6. fishpick

    Small "stop leaving ruts" infrastructure improvement

    Somewhere in my post history you will find me asking about swapping wheels and tires on my L4760HSTC as I have R1's and they just rip everything up in the yard (except they are awesome when everywhere except the lawn)... so I was considering R4's, turfs and even the fancy new R14's... but a ton...
  7. fishpick

    Officially now waiting in line!

    8-10 weeks and a 72" Pinnacle Grapple will be moving in at my place!
  8. fishpick

    Wanna see my BIG TOOL (rack) ?

    Picked this up for a lot less than half the cost of a new one! Have a LOT of tree work coming up and when I see these I think that having things organized would be a lot nicer than my wooden carry all I have used for years. This one ia a couple year old model - but appears to have never...
  9. fishpick

    How would you fall this?

    This cottonwood pulled it’s rootball and leaned over. I say leaned because it’s roots and a whole lotta earth are still attached. Then about 12’ from that it’s resting (left side of pic) on a berm built as a range backstop. Then you see the rest of this up in the air still. It is not supported...
  10. fishpick

    BX24 back of HST is leaking...

    Has anyone had a leak back there? More relevant - is there a common thing on the back of the HST that leaks on a BX24? I have a BX24 that I have noticed the whole back of the HST case has accumulated that "dirt that's there because of a leak" kind of look. For the last couple of years I...
  11. fishpick

    Anyone run R14s on LXX60 cab tractor?

    Title says it all - interested in your experience if so. Have a L4760 HSTC, loaded R1's - it destroys the ground - everywhere. Our soil is such fine sand / silt... I'm to the point I have decided I need something wider to spread the weight around some and not leave ruts everywhere I go...
  12. fishpick

    My L4760 impressions thread

    I have been a long time member over on TBN (same username) but only recently found and joined OTT... Kinda figured I should join here since I just moved to an "all orange household"... I did a Mustang build thread on SVTP and people found it useful as time went on being able to see all the...
  13. fishpick

    L4760 arrives tomorrow

    Title says it all... kinda excited about moving from my TC45DA to a cab. Thanks to everyone in the forum with good info helping me make the decision.
  14. fishpick

    Is there a way to “tune” a L4060 into a 4760?

    I’m about to pull the trigger in tractor, loader and front blower - and like the price of the L4060... but I’m also a Mustang guy and have seen how much HP you can get out of a stock engine just with a PCM reprogram, or “tune”. So - that my question. The L4060 and L4760 look like they are...