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  1. Adam G

    GCK60-23BX Grass Catcher $750.00

    Sprakers, 12166
  2. Adam G

    GCK60-23BX Grass Catcher $750.00

    GCK60 grass catcher, what you see is what you get. Grass bags in good shape, very little use. Located in upstate NY. No shipping. Local pickup only. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking.
  3. Adam G

    BX5450 Front Snowblower

    Gary, If you don't sell it to the above poster let me know. Thanks
  4. Adam G

    Grass Catcher GCK60-23BX

    Was going to adapt to my B2920 but plans have changed. Deck boot fits 60" deck. Please check to see if it fits your application. DOES NOT INCLUDE DRIVE SHAFT $750 Firm Located upstate NY (Albany area)
  5. Adam G

    Is there a trick to tightening hydraulic hose nut on BX25 backhoe? Pics.

    Tie a piece of wire around 45 so you don't loose it in the boom. Undo upper hose, then jamb nut on bulkhead. I think you then have enough slack in hose to pull up to tighten. However it looks to be cross threaded so not sure on hose fitting condition. I would also have a spare 45 bulk head in...
  6. Adam G

    Well... It’s Finally A COLD DAY IN HELL. !!!

    Winter in upstate NY lets you play with your tractor:)
  7. Adam G

    B2782 Snowblower $100 on Craigslist Worcester MA.

    Post has been deleted
  8. Adam G

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    About 30 here First snow with newly acquired used snowblower and quick hitch. Worked great didn't even have blade on back. Plenty of traction. Hope all had a safe day.
  9. Adam G

    Want To Buy B2733A

    Found it Yay
  10. Adam G

    Want To Buy B2733A

    Bump - still looking - was 38 degrees this AM
  11. Adam G

    Leaky steering arm seal please help

    Never done one on a tractor. If its anything like the old automotive steering boxes. Remove the pitman arm, any related washers or snap rings. With box still in tractor, start tractor and turn steering wheel, pressure will push out both seals. Might make a slight mess. Not sure this would work...
  12. Adam G

    Want To Buy B2733A

  13. Adam G

    Want To Buy B2733A

    Bump - still looking
  14. Adam G

    Want To Buy B2733A

    Bump, still looking, thanks
  15. Adam G

    bx2230 won't start

    What happened before this, little history please
  16. Adam G

    New Quick Hitch Needed

    Thank you all for your input.
  17. Adam G

    MX5000 completely dead...need help

    Glad your mystery is resolve