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  1. drewzee87t

    big stawb stuck in my rear tire, what to do?

    I done it this time. I got a giant 1/2" sticker or wood chunk stuck in my rear filled tire. What do you guys do to fix a hole this big? I have had holes before and just put a plug in them. I don't think a plug will work on this but who knows? Do I put a tube in or is it time to get a new tire...
  2. drewzee87t

    Short oil filter LX3310 anyone know?

    I have an oil cooler I want to install on and since it takes up about 2" the stock filter for my B2910, which is like 5.75" will be too long. Is there a shorter oil filter like 3- 3.5" that are used in tractors that have an oil cooler? I would think the LX3310 would hit pay dirt since it has an...
  3. drewzee87t

    Woke OTT deletes deletion thread?

    It would seem the censors are here, too. Shame that. Disappearing threads on emissions "treatment"? What else is getting memory-holed? Does removing EPA equipment for "on-road" equipment from your "off-road" equipment trigger certain corporations and their paid lackeys? Shhh. Put your mask...
  4. drewzee87t

    LA402 SSQA conversion and EA grapple

    Some folks asked that I follow up on this when everything arrives. I am running a B2910 with a 402. SSQA kits are pricey and I found (here and other forum) that the SSQA from a LA513 will fit with minor mods. It's cheaper and better than an aftermarket setup and I don't have the skills to...
  5. drewzee87t

    SSQA bucket for B series recommendation

    I am in process of waiting on parts to put a quick attach on my LA402 loader. I need to either find someone to convert my old 54" bucket or get a new bucket. Since I am running a "small" loader and will be putting a QA on it, I am concerned with weight. Who has added SSQA to a B series and...
  6. drewzee87t

    Woods RM 306 72" finish mower

    I found this old finish mower locally for cheap. Very nice older gentleman had it for 30+ years and downsized from his ranch to a smaller property and switched to a zero turn for his new yard. It works great. He had it all setup on a small allis tractor when I came by and he demonstrated it and...
  7. drewzee87t

    My old b7500 bit the dust, advice needed on replacement

    Hey all, I haven't posted here in a couple years. I got my first tractor b7500 4 or 5 years ago. It was a mechanic special (basket case) when I got it. I nursed it to life and ran it for several hundred hours since I had it and it has finally gone to heaven. It suffered from blow-by throughout...
  8. drewzee87t

    How often do you have to re-torque rear hubs?

    B7500 when I got this tractor both hubs weren't properly tightened and one was not even pinned. I have corrected this and per WSM drove the tractor around some after tightening, then re-torqued. Used tractor maybe 10 hours after that and when it was down for it's massive maintenance this last...
  9. drewzee87t

    B7500 Drag Link removal

    I am really having issues today...haha. My drag link is worn out and tons of play in steering. I ordered a new drag link. I am trying to remove the old one and running into pretty serious conundrum. The link is so worn out that the two connection points (steering knuckle and I guess pitman...
  10. drewzee87t

    B7500 Hydraulic fluid/filter change confusion

    I am trying to catch up on maintenance on my B7500 HST. I looked up the hydro filter in my parts manual, and ordered the filter. The parts manual only shows one filter. I only ordered one. As I am about to do the job I noted that there's two, one on each side. Are these both the same and are...
  11. drewzee87t

    Looking for 3pt Guillotine

    Any photoshop pro's out there? Just something for a funny. Very practical device that may come in handy pretty soon. Thanks
  12. drewzee87t

    B7500 fuel starvation

    Tractor stalls out and not stay running. This happened while I am out in a field (yay). Luckily not too far from shop, but not the best work environment. Will restart, but then stalls out quickly. I have good clean fuel in tank (just filled in fact). Checked air filter which has maybe 20...
  13. drewzee87t

    B7500 PTO "rackety clackety" on disengagement?

    I just picked up this tractor a couple months ago. I was brush hogging with it and when I try to disengage the PTO, I push in the clutch, and would expect that I put the PTO lever in neutral, then release the clutch and the implement should spin down and stop. When I do this, if I release the...
  14. drewzee87t

    Little attachments for my little kubota

    I am pretty new here, just got my first tractor in late May B7500. I have be 4en going over the tractor itself fixing a bunch of stuff and mostly read here. I did quite a bit of research on some things to put the tractor to work on my 20 acre spot and with a good deal of patience, managed to...
  15. drewzee87t

    WTB brush guard LA272,302, 352, 402

    Looking for brush guard/grill guard for FEL 272, 302, 352 or 402. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks
  16. drewzee87t

    WTB B7500 front Grill and Headlights

    Pretty much need the whole front grill assembly and the headlight assembly (and the headlights). Not sure why they are missing, but they are. Please let me know. THanks
  17. drewzee87t

    b7500 Glow Plugs removal and testing

    Hi, new to me b7500 w 1600 hours. Slow starting when cold. The GP light works when key is turned right. I have checked and with switch on GP's I am getting 10.3 to 10.5 volts. Has 3 GP's with a buss bar on the positive that connects all three. I cannot get to them well enough to remove the...