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  1. ejb11235

    BX23S engine oil filter accessible from below? (stuck oil filter)

    I'm doing my 50 hour service on my BX23S. Engine oil filter is on tight and so far I haven't been able to get it off. Only real tool I've tried so far is a nylon strap style wrench, so I'm pretty early in the process. At 57 hours now so tractor is officially parked until I get this resolved...
  2. ejb11235

    4' box blades with 3 scarifiers

    What do you guys think about 4' box blades that only have 3 scarifiers versus the more common 4? My question is mostly about general box blade use where all the scarifiers are down. I am aware that there is a use where you only have the middle one down ... that doesn't seem like something I...
  3. ejb11235

    BX2506 BX23S 3pt hitch kit pricing & unboxing

    My BX2506 3pt hitch kit just arrived yesterday, and I took some pictures of the unboxing. Maybe someone will enjoy it. I bought it from Coleman Equipment for $241 plus $52 shipping to Seattle. Messicks charges $256 + $71 shipping. Neither charges sales tax. Local dealers wanted $330 and $360...
  4. ejb11235

    Do the BX rear remotes (kits BX2419, BX7376...) have a float position?

    Does anybody have one of these rear-remote kits installed on their BX? Do they have a float position, or just up, down, and stay-where-you-are?
  5. ejb11235

    Messick's Telescopic Stabilizer Kit - BX Series

    note: I don't believe this posting violates the terms of service, which I actually read before posting. If you disagree, let me know politely Messick's sells a set of telescoping stabilizers for the BX tractors. It looks like they've been selling them for a little more than a year. I'm just...
  6. ejb11235

    Selecting a box blade for a subcompact

    I have a BX23S and am starting the process of finding a box blade for it. Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time (as in, up until 4AM) researching the design & specs on a bunch of different makes and models and compiling the results. My process is to learn as much as I can so when I...
  7. ejb11235

    3pt attachment for BX23S

    I have a BX23S and am starting to think about getting a 3pt attachment set up for it (box scrapers are starting to entire my thoughts). Kubota offers a 3pt attachment kit BX2506 for about $260. Are there other attachment kits I should consider instead of the Kubota? either for lower price or...
  8. ejb11235

    BX starting procedure question

    I've got a BX23S with about 50 hours on it. First tractor. I was reading the starting procedure in the Operators Manual and was surprised to see the instruction "Set the hand accelerator lever to about 1/2 way" before starting the engine. I have been starting the engine with the accelerator...
  9. ejb11235

    Four point hitch vs SSQA on BX23S

    I recently acquired a BX23S and am starting to think about snow removal. Before I get into the pros and cons of plow versus blower, I want to understand how these get mounted to the tractor. I'm a bit confused. My front-end loader has the SSQA option, but I read somewhere that the FEL arms...
  10. ejb11235

    Attachments for BX23S backhoe

    I recently purchased a BX23S and have started thinking about the projects I want to use it for, and the implements that could be useful. Was wondering if anybody had any thoughts regarding the following backhoe implements from BXpanded, including alternate manufacturers. Factory mount thumb...
  11. ejb11235

    BX23S Operator Manual PDF with bookmarks that work

    I've downloaded several copies of the BX23S Operator Manual PDF, including one from Kubota Canada's web site. I've seen two versions; K2892-7121-2 and K2892-7121-3. I noticed that many of the table of contents/bookmarks in the -3 version don't work. That irritated me, so I fixed them. The PDF...
  12. ejb11235

    Just bought a repo BX23S on auction (title edited)

    First time tractor owner and first-time poster! I just bought my first tractor on auction last week and transported it last night. 2020 BX23S with 17 hours on the meter. First time driving it was backing down the ramps off a dump trailer in the dark. Everything went smoothly without any...