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  1. dfixit1

    L4240HSTC-3 Turbo upfit-upgrade?

    Wondering if anyone has performed a turbo upfit-upgrade on one of these? I think the boost would come in handy with my front snowblower on my hilly driveway. It is a interim tier 4 without the catalytic converter and dpmf. Thanks
  2. dfixit1

    Proper Front snowblower operation

    We got 11 inches yesterday and I had my L4240 hstc in auto throttle, load sense and noticed I had to use L range switching from Turtle to Rabbit with my hills. I used M auto throttle, auto hst & load sense last year but found on my big hill running upwards when it downshifted it would almost...
  3. dfixit1

    Bar chain oil or WD-40 Gell Lube

    My 72” blower uses #60 chain and Kubota recommends bar and chain oil every 4 hrs. It works but my brother swears by this stuff. Bought a can but not sure. Anyone use it on a blower chain and gears?
  4. dfixit1

    LA854 L4240HSTC down adjustment?

    Removed my front blower this spring and a female QA (Red-D-Down) for fel was leaking. Replaced with oem and sold my snow pusher. I loaded on the buyers trailer. Everything ok, then installed my bucket and noticed when I lower it’s slow. Raise rpms and thought it was quicker but it’s debatable...
  5. dfixit1

    ****** 6’ HD Snow Pusher For Sale******

    6 foot snow pusher which I used one season with my Kubota tractor. Universal Quick Attach. Painted in Kubota orange and weighs approximately 650 lbs. I don’t believe you will find a sturdier snow pusher! 1/2 inch thick adjustable and replaceable cutting edge, as well as 1 inch thick...
  6. dfixit1

    L2195A Snowblower Mod?

    I’ve had it mentioned that there is a mod that widens “cut” on turns while using the snowblower so your rear tires are in the cleared path but can’t seem to find it. Has anyone seen or used this type of mod? thanks
  7. dfixit1

    L2195A Front Snowblower Ready for Snow!

    I picked up a used blower early last spring and went through it, rebuilt lift cylinder, changed fluids, adjusted, greased and oiled. Installed mid pto earlier this year. Removed FEL for the first time. Mounted subframe. Then mounted blower. Hope it works as good as it looks!
  8. dfixit1

    L2195A Gear Oil change

    Changed the gear oil in both gearboxes, reduction box and final drive box and thought I’d post pictures of it. The reduction gearbox has a drain, small metric allen head and holds 24 ounces. The final drive gearbox doesn’t have a drain so I improvised (shh don’t tell the wife) to remove the...
  9. dfixit1

    T6 5w40?

    I have an oddball question. Remember the W means winter. Ive asked Rotella and have been waiting over 3 weeks for a reply, it’s been assigned a case number and been referred to engineering. I am curious if this is ok for year round use because of two reasons. 1. My previous tractor, the other...
  10. dfixit1

    Brush-Grill guard mod for snowblower?

    Does anyone know where I can find the modification for the brush guard when installing the snowblower subframe front mount bracket? Manual states it must be removed but the dealer is modifying the guard to allow both to be installed at the same time. Regards
  11. dfixit1

    Hydraulic cylinder leaking

    I had purchased a used snowblower a couple months ago for my L4240hstc-3 and was spring cleaning my barn today and saw the lift cylinder was leaking. Priced the parts on Messicks. Cylinder 02”x5” 70000-02740 $285.63 Seal kit cylinder 70001-00872 $34.97 Gland nut wrench Any recommendations for a...
  12. dfixit1

    Wsm 9y111-03693

    Getting ready to place an order and Messicks price is $132.55 But then I saw this L40-3 is mine. Does anyone know which series the pdf download is? Thanks They replied to me and said they werent sure which version the pdf is but sent these...
  13. dfixit1

    L2195A Manual?

    Anyone have a copy? May be picking one up tomorrow and he cant find the manual. I am unsure if they are model specific, Grand L or generic for multiple models? Regards
  14. dfixit1

    L2195A 5th hydraulic hose help please

    I picking up a used snowblower tomorrow and it has 5 hydraulic hoses. We are thinking the 5th hose is a relief? It seems Kubota used 2 different hydraulic pumps for the chute rotation. The more expensive one has a crossover relief. So I’m guessing this one has the less expensive pump without...
  15. dfixit1

    Does tire grooving really work?

    I have 4 tenths of a mile driveway to plow with hills and turns. Gave up on the plow truck because I always ran out of room due to piles and had to get the tractor out to move piles so I could continue to plow. Thought this is stupid and sold plow truck and tractor and purchased a low hour...
  16. dfixit1

    Do glow plugs have different heat ranges?

    Inquiring minds want to know, do glow plugs have different heat ranges? Kubota L4240hstc-3 Engine serial BUxxxx Engine Tier 4i No catalyst or DPMF Ive ohm checked, pulled GPs a supplied 12.5v for glow test. They turn red but not white. Kubota lists 3 glow plug for my model. 19077-65512...
  17. dfixit1

    Cetane Boost, how much is too much?

    Question I added Diesel Service white bottle anti gel 4 ounces for 13 gallon capacity. I have had two different people wonder if I had a dirty sticky injector when cold. So I bought Diesel Service Kleen injector cleaner but I noticed they both contain Cetane Boost. I thought I read somewhere...
  18. dfixit1

    Block heater for Grand L-4240

    My local dealer is recommending a block heater for my mule. Kubota OEM is Engine Block Heater 70000-00297 Kats KH11461 Reading the Kubota install instructions the recommend install location is on the right side farthest back expansion plug near flywheel which requires removing the hydraulic...
  19. dfixit1

    2012 L4240hstc-3 cold start concern

    Hello everyone, this is my 3rd mule. I bought it used in May and I live in the snowbelt. Temps are dropping to low thirties and it’s barn kept. It has summer fuel and 15w40 oil. I’m going to be changing soon to 5w-40 T6. I start with everything in neutral, clutch in, wait for glow plug light to...
  20. dfixit1

    L4240hstc rear work light wiring

    Does anyone know where the light plugin for the rear work lights is? I have the switch figured out and I see pigtails for rear window defrost and rear wiper but cannot locate the work light pigtails. I hate to have to pull the roof but it appears to be my only option. I see two rubber plugs...