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    Bx2680 inner tie rod boot failure

    They failed on my BX23S also. Still waiting for the replacements to show up. Mine failed under the warranty.
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    Piranha Bar manufacture location?

    My BX was made in Georgia.
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    Piranha Bar manufacture location?

    I ordered the Ripper and Quick Change Adapter from BXpanded and drove to Knoxville, Tenn. to pick up. I saw the plant and its equipment. Their parts are made there. Very friendly and knowledgeable on the BX23. While I was there I learned about their under tractor guard for when your mower deck...
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    New Tractor 5 acres

    You are exactly right, my son was amazed at the progress with the BX but wanted to do more and faster so he bought a U-17 mini-X. Now he is getting calls to do all kinds of digging for others. I guess that is how it works.
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    I had a farm on Cherry Valley Road and Bloods Point. I hope it gets better for you, Stay Safe.
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    New Tractor 5 acres

    I also have 5 acres of woods and have a BX23S, back hoe, tiller, box blade, forks, etc. and am bringing my woods back to civilization. My property is sloped, and the low center of gravity and width of the BX is perfect. Some times I think more power would be great but then the bigger tractor...
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    Neat to see you are in Rockford, Ill, I left there 38 years ago. I had the same problem here in Asheville, N. C. and finally when I called the sewer dept they said just dump it in to a public sewer line and it would be handled by the station with no problem.
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    Talk me out of buying a Woodmax WM8H

    I am in the same boat. Am going to watch to find out the outcome of this. Thank you for posting, it reassures me that I am not alone.
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    New property - SWPA

    My BX23S has a 60" mid mount mower and does a great job.We also have a Kubota ZD1211. Have not compared the mowing time, but the only thing that the ZD1211 can do is mow. I have read that the fuel consumption for a BX is a lot lower. Bear in mind the ZD1211 is almost $15,000.
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    BX23S Bigger Backhoe Bucket?

    I also have the BXpanded Quick Change attachment. We also have a Kubota U17 mini-excavator with a 13" bucket and I was wanting to use the smaller bucket to see if the BX23 would dig better. They do not look as if they would swap and I have read that they won't, although I physically did not try...
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    BX23S Bigger Backhoe Bucket?

    My 16" bucket has 3 teeth.
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    3 rd. function valve for a 2018 BX23S

    Thank you for commenting on my post. I tried to look up "dual rear remote kit" and came up dry. I do have that empty slot on the right rear fender, that would be perfect. Do you have a company name and/or part number ?? Is this something similar to W R Long and then adding a spool ?? Thanks again.
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    3 rd. function valve for a 2018 BX23S

    Thinking about buying a grapple for my BX and want to install the 3 rd. function valve first. Which one makes the most sense for what I am trying to do ?? Future want list is hydraulic top link, I have read a little about 3 spool valves. Are these two different projects or can they be combined ??
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    In market for budget welder

    I bought a Lincoln AC stick welder new 54 years ago to learn. (still have it) That was the beginning of my business. All self taught My opinion the only way to go.
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    BX23 Pallet Forks

    I looked up the HLA earlier and found out they weigh 190#. That was what I was searching for low weight for more lift. Belco is the company that makes some of the Tar River Implements. I have a Tiller and a Box Blade, happy with both.
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    BX23 Pallet Forks

    Is anyone familiar with the Belco forks ?? Quick disconnect, 36" fork length, 900# capacity, They weight 161# I would like to pull the trigger but want your opinion. Thanks in advance.
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    Offset Tiller for BX

    I have a Tar River 50" tiller for my BX23S. Very Happy with it. I do not think the BX could handle any thing wider. It does a wonderful job The soil turns out very fine. Mine is the standard forward rotation and also is a gear drive. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat. Good Luck.
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    3 point attachment with backhoe

    On my BX23S I have to remove the back hoe to put on the 3 point system. No other way to do it. Good luck It only takes about 10 minutes to remove the back hoe.
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    BX with a Bagger Issues

    I wonder how this will work out . ??? Is this the dealers fault? Please post the results. Thank you.
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    princess auto hyd top link.

    I am following this post because I am also interested. Would this be an advantage on mt BX23S when using a Box Blade or a Tiller that I just purchased ??