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    BX2370 Drive Over Mowing Deck Issue

    I recently purchased a BX2370 with a 60" drive over deck. With the mowing sub-frame attached to the tractor I am unable to rotate the deck height knob to the Top position and I can't rotate the knob clockwise to decrease deck height. If I remove the mowing sub-frame I am able to rotate the...
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    Which PTO shaft for BX2751 Quick Hitch for BX 2370?

    I have a BX 1870-1 with a BX2751 quick hitch which I use with a snowblower and 60" plow. I just bought a 2370 and it appears I need to buy a longer PTO shaft. Can I just buy part number 70060-02338 and call it a day or do I need to replace the output shaft PN 70001-00772...
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    BX1870 won't move

    I went out to plow this morning and I made two passes down my driveway and when I tried to back up it was very slow. It was also slower than normal going forward. When I got back to the top of the driveway I couldn't go in reverse at all and I could hardly move forward. I moved the gear...
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    BX 1870 PTO Engage Lever Stuck

    I can't seem to move the lever that engages the PTO on my BX1870. The lever that selects Front/Mid/Front and Rear works smoothly. I can't see anything that's blocking the lever from moving.
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    Remove auger BX5450

    I have removed every bolt from the front of the 5450 snowblower but I can't remove the auger and gear box. What am I missing?
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    Shear Pin Removal Issue

    A shear pin snapped on my 50" front mount snow blower for my BX. I've changed many pins over the years but this time the hole for the shear pin is offset just enough so I can drive it out. The auger slides back and forth on the shaft but not enough for it to line up to drive it out. I'd...
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    DIY Snowblower Chute Rotator

    I'm thinking of building my own hydraulic chute rotator. I'm looking at this pump. Will that work? Thanks, Andy
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    BX5450 Chain Question

    The chain came off the sprockets this weekend and when I put it back on the sprockets are offset. I don't see any evidence of the sprockets moving on the shafts. Is this offset normal?
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    PTO Selection Lever Stuck BX1870

    The PTO selection is stuck in the rear PTO position. I put on the mowing deck yesterday and when I went to move the lever into the mid mount position it wouldn't move. I tried engaging and disengaging the PTO several times but it won't budge. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hydraulic Chute Rotator

    I have a BX2750 snowblower with a manual chute. Is there any reason I couldn't buy one of these and make a bracket to hold it?