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  1. Trev450r

    B2601 running cooler.

    A few days ago I was moving lots of dirt on my acreage. It was +26'c(79f) outside, after a few hours the tractor was very warm, about half way on the temp gauge and the hydraulics were hot, couldn't hold my hand on the lift cylinders. The next day same temp and same running for a few hours but...
  2. Trev450r

    Z231KH not cutting good.

    I got a new Z231KH zero turn this spring, my wife used it the more then me, but we found it misses a lot of grass. I installed the Kubota mulch kit and with the mulch blades it misses more then with the regular blades. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem??
  3. Trev450r

    Just got my new B2601

    I got my B2601 a few weeks ago, so far have 7 hrs on it. I use it mostly for landscaping my new acreage, it 5 acres 1 grass rest bush. I find the 2601 very capable for the work I'm doing. I've got experience running the JD 1023E and 1025R, the Kubota is better all around. My parents have to...