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    L285 Steering Box Repair

    I have an L285 with a cracked steering box. It has been JB Welded but that didn't work, it cracked again in one spot. I need it welded/repaired/rebuilt. Anyone have anyone have any recommendations . Pictures attached. Messicks shows they can order one but I haven't called to see if they can...
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    L285 Steering gear box

    Has anyone figured out a workaround for a loosey-goosey L285/345 steering gear box?? The wornout OEM are expensive if they can be found. Surely someone has found another box that with a little southern engineering can be made to work. Be nice if an 8N/9N box would be a close fit as they are...
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    Another L285 question

    In doing maintenance on this new to me I changed all the fluids. Engine went fine. Transmission not so. Drained from the plug under the shifter and got out a little over 5 gal. It's supposed to hold just over 7 gal. I figured it was just low and refilled it. At just over 5 gal it was running out...
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    L285 Water Pump

    So I'm slowly fixing up this L285. Noticed the water pump although not leaking was very loose. I went to searching for a replacement. I started with the parts manual I have and it shows 15401-73030(1,2,3 for last zero). Went to Merricks & Ebay and got confused. Merricks shows the 15401 number...
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    L285 w/ loader

    Flat tires, hydraulic problem, supposedly runs good and tranny is OK. Any idea as to value?