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    Nemco grease

    Hello people Does anyone have any experience with Nemco grease ? Princess Auto has it for $7/tube. More specifically their Silver max 3% moly. I want it for loader, pins and bushings. I did a site search, but found nothing on Nemco grease. They also make a 5% moly, but I can't find a...
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    Grand L tool boxes

    I made these over a month ago and they seem to be working out quite well. I started with 30 cal ammo boxes, then removed the lids and trimmed off the excess bits. I used 3/16 x 2 inch flat bar for the left side ( the first one I made) and 1/8 x 1 1/2 (it's what I had on hand) for the right one...
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    Lube on wheel stud/bolt threads.

    I personally use a a small amount of coppercoat anti seize on wheel studs/bolts when installing wheels. I have never had a damaged wheel from one coming loose but have lost studs, nuts, bolts from seized threads that were put on dry. I also check my torque after installing wheels.
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    princess auto hyd top link.

    Princess auto has cat 2 hyd top links on sale for$150. It is a Hydroworks 2 1/2 x 10 inch cyl with 1" holes. Just wondering if they are any good. I am thinking now might be the time to get one. Thanks.
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    Front bumper chain box

    Some one else made one for a different series, which gave me the idea for this one. It seems to work well. I am concerned about damaging the paint on the nose of the grill but will just need to be carful. The cut outs in the corners and the holes in the middle should kept the dirt from building...
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    Grand L warning beacon mount.

    To mount a magnetic warning beacon, I just painted a piece of 1/8 plate a bit bigger than the light, orange, then used orange rtv silicon to bond it to the roof.
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    Grand L travel mug.

    I finally found a mug that fits the cup holder. It is a "Bubba" from Canadian Tire. It holds one US quart or 950ml. It works well, stays in place but is still easy to pull out.