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    My Kubota App

    Anyone got any experience with this App? It loads my tractor but not the FEL or my BH77. It doesn't recognise the serial #s or the models. Maybe it doesn't work in Canada?
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    Steering brakes and snow plowing

    I'm pretty new to this tractor thing so I'm hoping this isn't a stupid question. I have a B2650 with FEL and a 7 foot blade on the rear. I also have chains on the rear tires but not on the front. When I have the blade angled it wants to pull the front end of the tractor over to the windrow side...
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    BH77 seat

    I have a 2020 B2650 with the BH77 on it. I find it a pain in the rear to constantly turn the seat around when moving from one digging position to another. I'm not that big and I'm wondering if anyone has added the seat that mounts to the backhoe? And how that has worked for them?