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    L4630 - chains for *front* tires

    I'd like to get chains for the front tires on my L4630 but can't seem to find a source. (Not sure if it's me, google, or they just don't exist?) They're 8.3 x 16 with that typical tractor lug pattern. Anyone have a source they can point to? With the locker on the rear diff the back wheels are...
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    What size is this bolt?

    L4630: It looks like an M8, but an M8 doesn't seem to fit. The bolt on the tractor has a 12mm hex head; an M8 has a 13mm. I've looked in various tables of bolt sizes and nothing takes a 12mm socket. Is it a self-threading M8? I can't find head sizes for the self-threading screws.
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    L4630 - PTO interlock prevents tractor from starting even with PTO disengaged

    Went to start the tractor yesterday and the PTO indicator light was on. This was strange as there is nothing mounted to the PTO and I have used the tractor many times since the last implement was taken off. I did the usual jiggling of the lever, also fully engaging and disengaging the lever...
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    what's this lever right by the PTO lever in my L4630

    The diagrams in the manual I have don't match the tractor, kind of defeats the purpose I suppose. Anyway, what's this lever for? Aux hydraulics, maybe?
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    BL45-90 for L4630?

    I have an L4630 with enclosed cab and have an opportunity to buy a used BL45-90 locally. I have no pressing use for a backhoe, but figure it might be handy. Is this a decent match to the tractor? Main project that comes to mind is a 12" culvert at the bottom of the driveway. Is this a decent...
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    How to lock float on L4630?

    If I push the lever all the way forward, I can feel the float mode engage. It's also evident from the behavior of the loader. But I can't make it stay in this mode. Is there a trick I'm missing? There's a little silver colored tab at the base of the lever, but I can't seem to get it to do...
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    Cold weather starting on L4630GST

    I'm having a hard time starting the tractor on cold mornings (overnight low sub-zero, teens to twenties when starting the tractor). The glow plug light comes on, but on for 5-10 seconds. The engine turns over strong (the battery is good), but doesn't catch - just belches black exhaust. Typically...
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    Backhoe for L4630GST-C

    Never too soon to start thinking about a backhoe. Which Kubota units are compatible with an L4630GST with factory cab? How about Woods? Thanks
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    L4630 - Hood freezing shut

    Newbie here - bought a used L4630GSTC about 3 months ago. It's snowing and I'm using the tractor to plow the driveway. I went to put a trickle charger on the battery and the hood was frozen shut. The latch releases, but ice is forming around the seals as best as I can tell. I used a pry bar to...