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    How to check tire pressure with liquid filled tires

    I have a BX1870 that had liquid filled tires when I got it. Do you have to have the valve at the top of the tire when you check the pressure ?? Do you still put the same pressure that Kubota recomends ?? Thank You, john
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    Putting a loader back on a B X 1870

    I have watched videos 50 times !! A blind man could be blind folded & put it on in 5 miniuts !! I must be a moron. I can remove it easy just the way they show. BUT, putting it back on is a real struggle for me. It will just not go on evenly. Even on a flat surface. Any tips would be appreciated...
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    Can someone tell me the weight of my BX1870 with a 48 " MM mower & a bucket On. I have a B-20 with a bucket & backhoe on & they say that it weighs 2000 lb. It seems much heavier than the BX. But maybe it is just my imagination !! Thank You
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    Need help to move this tree !!

    I recently cut this tree in my back yard, but now my old B-20 just wont move it !! Do you guys have any recomendations ?? ;)
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    B-20 Oil Question

    In the book the specs say that my engine oil capacity is 4.1 U.S. quarts. But if I drain the crankcase & take off the filter & put a new 1 on. Then put 1 gallon of new oil in the dipstick shows that I am over full. What am I doing wrong ?? Thank You, John
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    Kubota B 20

    I have a B20 with approximately 1500 hrs. I read once that someone wrote in that they were losing hydraulic fluid & they thought it was going into their crankkcase. I notice that my hydraulic flluid seems to be going down slowly & my engine oil seems to be rising. Could this actually be...