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    M9000 a/c oil?

    Could anyone advise which air conditioning oil the M9000 uses (North America/US)? Owner’s manual does not specify, and Google is showing multiple recommendations (PAG46, ND8). Really don’t want to put the wrong stuff in.
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    Block heater question

    Would anyone know what style block heater part #70000-91500 is? I.e. if it's threaded, frost plug tap-in, frost plug expanding tabs, etc.? Not seeing pictures of this anywhere, and would be helpful to know before ordering.
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    M4 series fender 3-point control?

    Doing research into a 70-100hp cab tractor, and one of the MUST haves is a fender-mounted 3-point control that can be operated from the ground. Could anyone chime in on the mechanical one offered for the Kubota M4 series? Good/bad/ugly? Both the Kubota M6 and Deere 5/6 series offer...
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    M-series 2-speed MWFD: how does it "know" when to switch?

    Looking into a more recent M-series, and one of the features is a two-speed for the front axle. Guess it switches itself to a higher speed when turning for a tighter turning radius. Question is: how does the system "know" when to switch? Looked at the parts illustrations, found the clutch...
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    Rear tires for the M9000

    Looking at replacing the rear tires on our M9000. 18.4-30. Tires available in this area are: -Firestone Super All Traction II 23 -Goodyear Dura Torque Wondering if anyone could recommend one over the other. Tractor sees regular utility tractor jobs, mowing pushing snow removal etc. Does not...
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    Reart wheel weights for M9000?

    Wondering if someone could recommend a source for ~300lb rear wheel weights for a M9000. Has 18.4-30 tires, steel hubs (not cast). Has four factory-made holes in rims measuring approx. 16" on center (from one hole, across middle of rim to opposing hole). Not having luck finding any universal...
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    M9540: good, bad, ugly?

    Looking at a M9540 in the area, and wondering if there are any "gotchas" to watch for. Has low enough hours but a large 12' snow pusher. History is unknown, and I'm sure it just plowed a church parking lot on Sundays. :rolleyes: So besides all-out abuse, is there anything to look for (salt in...