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    BX25D Hood pops open

    My BX25 hood latch is popping loose. I looked and the pin that the latch catches on is just barely in the catch. Judging by the wear marks, the pin is at least 1/2" out of whack. I looked at the front hinge location and I do not see nor feel any looseness nor can I push the hood back to take up...
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    BX25D 3 and stumps 0

    Had a fun day cleaning up the lake lot, here is one of the three I pulled out today. Stumps ranged from 10 to 22" in diameter. I am so impressed with this so called "Lawnmower on steroids", and the salesman was afraid it might be too small.
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    Finally a BX25D in hand

    I have been anxiously waiting for about a month for my first tractor. Picked up a 2015 BX25D on the way to work this morning...longest Friday ever. Made it to the lake by 5:30 and was able to get 4 hours in before it was too dark. Installed my BXpanded thumb before it made it off the trailer...
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    Bx25d mmm

    Hello all! Quick question hopefully, I was just told that the 60" drive over deck isn't compatible with the 25D. Does that make sense or is something off? Thanks in advance for the help! Ron
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    BX25D Bucket Hooks

    Waiting for the delivery of a new BX25D, looking for advice on bucket hooks. How many and configuration works best? Leaning toward Kenny's bolt on or BXpanded quick hooks not sure if I should get 2 or 3. Anyone have recommendations?