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    Aftermarket mm pto yokes for b8200

    Anybody know a source for aftermarket mm pto yokes for a b8200? Trying to fill in the missing pieces for a the rc60-82h. And the orange stuff is 140 and 190 for the 2 yokes I need. Way over priced Thanks
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    WTB. Both rear stays for a rc60-82h mower deck

    Parts 70732-51130 70732-51170 It's the right and left rear stays to mount the rc60-82h to a b8200. Thanks
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    Need some help identifying mower deck.

    Hey folks. So I got a b8200hst 2x4. And some times I feel like beating my head with that 2x4. It came with a mower deck and it seems to be missing parts and doest seem to look like the rc60-82h. Can anyone help me identify it it? Sorry all the labels are gone and I believe the serial was...