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    Trouble using grease gun

    I tried to use a grease gun on my BX23S backhoe and the very first time I tried it, the gun seems to have somehow pulled the pin (?) out from the fitting. Does anyone know what I did wrong? Notice the orange item sticking out from the tip of the grease gun. I can't pull it out by twisting or...
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    Can't remove flat tire on my BX23S

    I have a BX23s with 35 hours on it that has a flat tire in the front. I've tried with all my might to loosen the lug nuts with a socket wrench and none of them will budge. I've seen some Youtube vids that say you don't need an impact wrench, but I just can't do anything with hand tools. Am I...
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    I forgot to release hydraulic pressure when disconnecting my BX23S backhoe. What do I do now?

    I can't re-connect my backhoe because i forgot to release the pressure when disconnecting. I see there is an Irwin clamp tool to do this, but that doesn't seem like a good idea. Is there an official way to atone for my mistake and get it back connected? Thanks!