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    B 1700 Hard start, black smoke pouring out exhaust

    Have a B1700 with about 900 hours that can almost crank a battery dead before firing when cold......Will start OK at operating temperature, but overnight hard start. I'm puzzled by the black smoke coming out the exhaust while cranking ???
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    50 Hour Service

    I know this question must have been asked a 1000 time before but....Which is the correct recommendation for servicing the transmission....Change the filter & clean the screen.....but what about the fluid ??? - Thanks
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    Trailer Hitch for BX23S

    Does anyone make a trailer hitch for a BX23S that has a backhoe mounted on it? Thanks
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    Log Splitter Hydraulic locked up

    Have an old home made log splitter that has been dormant for several years. The Old Briggs fired up no problem & I split 5-6 logs everything was fine....Several days later I noticed the ram was extended about 8 inches I went to start the motor & it was locked, as with the handle to move the ram...
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    BX - B series batteries

    My BX 23S is 2-1/2 years old with the original battery...and from the beginning I never felt the battery had enough umph.....When the tractor is not in use, I have it on a trickle charger....I don't use the tractor all that often, & sits inside. After sitting for a period of time I find that it...
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    BX 23 strange engine knock ?

    I have a BX 23 bought new 2-1/2 years ago, It currently has 38.4 hours....This weekend I needed to dig a 10ft. trench with the backhoe on a side slope...kinda dangerous I know... As I was positioning the tractor with it listing to the left with the front slightly dipping forward, I heard what...
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    5 amp start fuse blowing

    On a B2320 recently experienced a blowing fuse problem in the starter relay circuit. Its a 5 amp and what seems to be on that circuit is the fuel pump start/stop relay & 3 safety switches above the rear axle. I've spent a lot of time examining the wiring harness for a ground short and found...
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    Mower Deck height control assembly

    Just installed a new mower deck model # 60-29 B - I find when the deck is lowered the whole control assembly flops around, but in the raised position its secure but hard to turn ???...My question is.. what holds it in place....The instructions that came with it is not very clear...Thanks
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    Transmission/differential fill plug for B2320

    Work part time in a small mower shop...Doing a service on a B2320. The Cap/plug for the transmission/differential was missing...Does anyone have a part number so that I can order one? - Thanks....
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    BX 23S Engine Block Heater

    Would like to install an OEM Kubota engine block heater. Do all model Kubota's take the same heater? or is it specific to the model....If so what is the Kubota part number for a BX23S.....
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    New BX 23S

    New to the forum...I am a proud new owner of a brand new ?? BX 23S.....This was a retirement gift to myself, after years of wanting a Kubota but never stepped up. I looked at a few used ones and decided that unlike a car, a tractor like this, would be a lifetime investment....So I go to my local...